How to Convert Vodafone Postpaid to Prepaid

Convert Vodafone Postpaid to Prepaid

Vodafone is one of the world’s leading telecommunication brand. Vodafone has 450 million customers worldwide. It operates in more than 140+ countries with more than 50 network partners. And, in India, it alone reaches 335 million customers in 2018-19, be it post-paid, pre-paid, both in telecommunication and Internet facility.

Vodafone Postpaid to Prepaid Connection

If you are using Vodafone postpaid connection, and now you have been thinking to port your connection to prepaid connection, you may think if it is possible? Yes, it is possible. For the users who just have bought new postpaid connection, for them it is mandatory to keep running the connection for 3 months. After that they can simply port their number from postpaid to prepaid service without changing the number. For those who have been using the postpaid number more than year, the basic process remains the same. You can change plans at any time. However, if you have any balance (postpaid bill) remaining, you must clear the payment before changing your plan.

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What are the Option Available?

As per TRAI rules, when you are changing your plan from postpaid to prepaid connection, it will take 3-5 business days. In this time the new prepaid SIM card connection will be activated, and in this period, your existing postpaid connection will be closed. Before joining Vodafone prepaid services, consumers should test how much network coverage exists in their area of ​​residence. Vodafone is one of the major telecommunications operators and has focused on expanding and improving its services. Speed, simplicity and reliability are the values ​​that Vodafone has defended throughout its activity, always focused on customer satisfaction.

You can do the process many ways. Below we will share the possible options with you. Keep reading.

Phone or SMS – Contact the Customer Support Line.The general hotline is available every day of the week, anytime, to answer your questions and concerns.

Vodafone Website: When you go to the operator’s website you will see the option to change your plans. Read the details and fill the requirement form.

My Vodafone Store: The customer can go to the store and request changing their plan. The Vodafone employee will show the best packages and services available. Thus, the customer can enjoy listening to all tariffs and hire the best package of services.

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My Vodafone App / online – With the expansion of the operator and the availability of a wide range of packages and services, there are more and more Vodafone offers available to customers. One of them I My Vodafone App.

What is the Most Ideal Choice?

All of the above options are ideal. But, which one suits you the best? Obviously to go to the nearest My Vodafone Store. Take your phone and SIM card there. Talk to the employee. They will hear you and ask you why you want to change your plan? The answer will be yours. Once given, they will ask which prepaid tariff you would like to go. If you know already, then reply. If you do not know then ask him/her. They will ask your priority. If you need voice calls more than Internet, if you need a basic plan, if you need basic pan with more Internet, if you need daily Internet with maximum other facilities, etc. The best will be to take the basic prepaid plan. Once the documentation of migration is done, your connection is clear to go.

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You need not to buy any other SIM card. They will take the request through the Vodafone forum and there will be a notification in your mobile. If you have any bills pending, kindly pay them for smooth process. After 3-5 business days, the plan will be changed to prepaid connection. For more information, you can always call to the Vodafone Customer Care 199 (depends region wise).

Benefits of Prepaid SIM Connection

Once you have chosen the right mode to change your Vodafone connection from postpaid to prepaid connection, be it online, via call, or visiting nearest KIOSK, the benefits you will get, are several.

  • Data Plan and Voice tariff according to your need
  • Completely affordable
  • More options are available than postpaid – customer oriented tariff design
  • Can change monthly plans easily
  • No billings issues, no fine
  • Can recharge anytime, anywhere, any amount
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