Studies Suggest Fighting with Your Better Half Is a Good Thing


When a couple starts a relationship, it is a romantic relationship but it still has times when there are arguments and fights. This is completely normal as every couple fights when they are in a relationship with each other. Huge fights and break down in trust, love, and respect can lead to couples splitting up. However, moderate fights are common between every couple and fighting the better half can actually be a good thing in a relationship. Studies have been conducted to see the effects of fighting between couples. These studies have shown that some amount of fighting in a relationship is actually healthy for the relationship. The following are some of the ways in which fighting with the better half is actually good for the relationship:

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Romantic relationship

Why Fighting is Good for Relationships

  • It is not healthy to bottle up feelings and emotions in a relationship. Fighting gets all the pent-up tensions and anxiety out of the way. Fighting on any particular topic ends the topic right there and spouses do not keep stewing about it without communicating a problem to each other.
  • Fighting as mentioned above helps in communication. During a fight, it is easier to understand the true feelings and opinions of a spouse. Telling the spouse their irksome qualities during a fight clears the air and also helps the spouse work on these qualities.
  • A bond is not just created between two individuals by just being artificially sweet with each other all the time. Arguments show that a couple can pretty much say anything to each other and this builds the bond between the couple.
  • Sometimes couples are scared to offend their better half and cannot stop them from a wrong path. Correcting the spouse when they are going wrong is important in a relationship.
  • No couple thinks alike every day all the time, how much ever in love they may be. Arguing with each other is also helpful in creating individual identities of spouses within a relationship.
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Fighting is a part of everyday life and it is a good idea to have small fights now and then with a spouse as it helps keep the relationship strong.

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