Mandala Music Festival 2018

Mandala Music Festival

On the 25th of November, Cafe Ekante in Eco Park, Kolkata, witnessed the Smirnoff Experience sponsored Mandala Music Festival in association with T2, hosted by Decibel, where numerous local and national artists gathered for an evening of non-stop music. The evening was filled with numerous genres of music ranging from hip-hop to trance, techno, psytrance and many more across two podiums- Tantra and Mantra.

The Mantra was the main stage and it featured music by Steve, Rachel, Xavier, Outlaw, Felix among many more. The Tantra was the underground stage, which was all about the “chill vibes!” which witnessed the performances of 8- Bit Culprit, Midnight Traffic, Ash Roy, Sanjay Dutta, etc., with the latter commencing the program.

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More than 3500 people attended the festival. The aura around the place during the night was perfect for a music festival. The place was filled with youths across all ages and spanned with their attire spanning entire genres of the fashion industry.

Music Festival

The DJs played English numbers more. If DJ Mash made the crowd groove to I Gotta Feeling, DJ Ivan pumped up the crowd with Coffee Shop and More and More. Bangalore based DJ Ivan’s heart touching moment was seeing the “open-mindedness of the crowd”. The crowd seemed to welcome all sorts of music that was presented to them that night.

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Tracks like John Spencer’s You Wouldn’t Know and Unknown Melodies by Damned Spirits worked for the crowd and made them sway. The Tantra stage performer, Sanjay said, “I had just made about it on time for my set and I got a crazy vibe.”

To add more fun elements to the party night, DIY counters were set up for spray painting. There was also a flea market to keep revelers busy. Brands like Wow! Momo and Ong Bong Chong had set up food stalls to refuel the party crowds.

This year was the third edition of the famous Mandala Music Festival 2018, and this is what the founder of Decibel, the host, Mohanish Lama had to say, “This edition was better because it was a collective effort from my team.” Kolkata, the city of Joy, eagerly will be waiting for another successful edition of this music festival.

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