Flashback Friday and Throwback Thursday – Details About the Viral Trends and Their Differences

Difference Between Throwback Thursday & Flashback Friday

Over the last few decades, the internet has changed the way we communicate and nowadays it is all about people participating in viral trends which become very popular online. It is very easy to share information online and sometimes one video, post or story can receive hundreds of millions of views. Viral trends are the trends that become very popular on the internet and are used by millions of people to use these trends to make content online. For example, some of the major viral trends online include Flashback Friday and Throwback Thursday and these are very popular hashtags online. The following are details about these trends online:

Flashback Friday

Friday is a time of the week when the workweek generally ends and people are more relaxed and spend more time online. Flashback Friday is a trend which is more to do with personal memory and old photos and videos, which can be shared online on Friday. Flashback Friday hashtag posts are as the name suggests posted on Friday and it can be posted to the larger public audience or a group of friends and family as it is a personal old memory. The hashtag #FlashbackFriday trends every Friday and it is slowly becoming a top trend online.

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Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday is a top trend online which is similar to Flashback Friday. Sport Illustrated is one of the top sports magazines in the world and it is credited for starting the trend of Throwback Thursday in 2006. This trend is a weekly opportunity for individuals, magazines, celebrities, and organizations to post online videos, stories, posts and other types of posts which are memories and old content online. There are two types of hashtags which are very popular online that can be associated with this trend. The main two hashtags in this trend are the #TBT and the #ThrowbackThursday.

There is a lot of similarity between the two trends of Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday. These trends are dedicated to putting up old and dated content online which showcases change that has taken in society and individual lives when the original throwback photo or video was taken. It also has nostalgic value and it is fun way to look at the past and dwell on the fact that life has really changed over the past few decades. Both the types of posts have to most often have content that is at least five years old for it to have nostalgic value.  There are however many small differences between the two trends online and the following are some of the differences between the two trends:

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Difference Between Throwback Thursday & Flashback Friday

Day of the Week

The main difference between Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday is the day of the week. On Thursday, these posts are still considered a middle of the week sort of posts and for many, this trend has become a weekly part of their social media presence as they are known to put up Throwback content every Thursday. This trend is used by media companies and organizations to keep their viewers engaged. The Flashback Friday is an end of the week sort of trend on a Friday when people are more informal and the Flashback Friday posts tend to be more personal in nature.

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The Flashback Friday trend is picking up over the last few years online but it is still not as popular as the #TBT or Throwback Thursday trend online. Many times people just look at the day of the week and decide on the hashtag depending on when they are posting nostalgic or old content. People who forget to post on Thursday also use the Flashback Friday hashtag to post this type of content. Throwback Thursday is a trend that has been around a lot longer than Flashback Friday but the Flashback Friday trend is also getting millions of views online every week.

The Throwback Thursday trend and the Flashback Friday trend are popular all over the internet and it is a cool way to share memories, photos, trends, stories, and pop culture references from the past online. These trends are only likely to grow further and become more and more popular as the reach of the internet expands throughout the world.

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