Why WordPress Is A Good Decision In Building Websites?



Many webmasters create their sites on wordpress. In addition to being affordable, this platform has many advantages, although there are also disadvantages. Today we will look at the positive and negative aspects of the engine with wordpress web design services.

This platform was originally conceived for blogging. Basically, the functions are focused on the requirements of bloggers, although such an engine can be used for sites of other formats, for example, for corporate or online stores. WordPress is a great solution for different types of resources.

Is it worth building a website on wordpress?

This engine has advantages:

  • Great functionality. The webmaster has no restrictions, you can do whatever you want. It is possible to change the code itself, since it is in the open form.
  • Versatility of use. Such an engine is suitable for most projects, if you install a set of various plugins.
  • Famous all over the world. This engine ranks first in the world in terms of popularity. Therefore, you can find many different textbooks and training materials on the Internet.
  • Availability. The platform is distributed free of charge in several languages.
  • Plugins. Thousands of plugins have already been released that will help solve this or that problem.
  • Simplicity. A simple interface allows even a beginner to work with WordPress.
  • Optimization. This engine allows the site to move faster in search engines. For example, Google interacts much better with WordPress than with any other engines.
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Promotion of sites on WordPress

It should be borne in mind that when promoting sites on WordPress for industrial website on their own or with the help of third-party specialists, there are a number of objective problems that need to be addressed.

The WordPress engine is not initially equipped with functionality for search engine optimization, while such a free template has a lot of garbage and constantly creates duplicates, code that must be disposed of.

Modules and plugins are crutches of varying degrees of quality and convenience, created by different developers, for different versions of WordPress, etc. From time to time, even specialists have various site glitches, failure of certain elements, slowdowns in loading.

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Site loading speed is one of the most important characteristics of the site’s user-friendliness, as well as one of the key factors in search engine ranking. Simply put, people want to deal with fast sites, and search engines give these sites higher rankings. Speed ​​has never been an advantage of WP, and the jumble of needed and unnecessary add-ons makes things worse.

Building a website on a WordPress template may seem like a good idea at first. But! A good and high-quality site cannot be created based on a template, since all content will be similar to a similar resource. Creating your own individual requires additional costs, and if it was only about time. In this vein, the financial side is also implied. At first glance, it may seem that everything is not so bad, because a wordpress site template can costs a lot. On the other hand, it is worth thinking about why to act irrationally, to spend more effort, time and money on improvement, if you can lay out the amount a little more at once and occasionally adjust the little things. The miser pays twice is a common truth.

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This engine has disadvantages, but wordpress is a multifunctional system that allows you to create your own resource without hassle. If you do not need a principled approach in the program code, then such an engine will help you. When you compare wordpress to other free platforms, WP is ahead of most of them.

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