Shutdown in the US who at Blame?

Early Saturday, more than thousands of confederate workers faced a partial government shutdown as Democrats refused to accept the demand of US president Donald Trump. The demand was regarding construction of a wall along the Mexico border. The cost estimated for this construction was about 5 billion dollars.Due to this about 8 lakh people are forced to work without pay and are in big trouble.

There were a lot of discussions between congressional leaders and Vice-president Mike Pence, President, president’s son in law, senior adviser Jared Kushner, White House budget chief Mick Mulvaney but there was no compromise made in the discussion. It was informed to media that there was yet no deal done rather they are still in a talk.

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Due to all these shutdowns,the government will be in lack of funds and will affect the workers as they will remain unpaid just before the Christmas festival for which they wait for a whole year. President Donald Trump has openly called for shutdowns for a month and even more. To this some of the leaders and officials are in consensus with this shutdown, most GOP lawmakers are against this decision as the public is openly opposing the idea of erecting wall and shutdown in regard to that wall.

Some of the quotes by President:

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Senate has approved the bipartisan deal and told that government will open in February and is also providing the dollar 1.3 billion in regard to the projects related to border security but not for the erection of the wall.

Even on doing immense discussions no compromises are being made and it is seen that president and Democrats are blaming each other for the deals related to erection of the wall and ultimately leading to shutdowns which are affecting common man during festival week.

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