US President Donald Trump Sends Answers to Mueller Regarding Election Campaigns


US President’s lawyers have sent written answers to Robert Mueller, the investigation officer who is investigating Russian interference in 2016 US presidential elections.

Russia presented the written questions regarding Russian interference which the president answered in writing. Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s lawyer, said that the questions asked could lead to serious constitutional issues.

Therefore, the president cooperated in the inquiry. The lawyer also told that a document of 1.4 million pages with more than 30 witnesses was presented to the president. The president has answered the questions in order to conclude the inquiry.

Press TV

The answers were submitted after a year when Mueller said that he wants to interrogate the US president. Trump told that the questions were easy to answer and also said that there was no Russian interference in his campaign.

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Jay Sekulow, another lawyer of Trump, also told about the answering of the questions. Trump also told the reporters that his answers to Mueller’s questions have been completed and are with the lawyers and will be sent to Mueller soon.

Trump also forced his attorney General, Jeff Sessions, as he was excusing himself from the investigation. Sessions had contact with the Russians during the campaign which resulted in the inquiry.

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