US Suspends $1.66 Billion Dollars Aid to Pakistan

US Pakistan

US President Donald Trump has suspended the help of $1.66 billion to Pakistan. The reason is that Pakistan helped the Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden to hide in Abbottabad city. The money was being given for security assistance. David Sedney has told that military assistance to Pakistan was blocked in January during the presidential tenure of Obama. Sedney told about the promise of cooperation by Pakistani leaders which has not been fulfilled and this has frustrated the US government which suspended the help.


Sedney has also told that Pakistan has not taken any steps regarding its help given to the groups which use violence against its neighbors. Sedney was a Deputy Assistance Secretary Defence for Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Central Asia during Obama’s rule. Sedney also was deployed at Department of State and the National Security Council and acting president of American University of Afghanistan. Sedney added that Pakistan itself is suffering from terrorism and was compelled to take strong actions against them.

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Sedney told that Trump has asked Pakistan to take action against the groups that threaten its neighbors. He also told that Pakistan is still supplying help to Taliban in terms of money, fighters and weapons. Besides these, Pakistan is also helping the militant groups by providing refuge to them and to their families. Besides this,Pakistan is also helping in provision of explosives to Afghanistan and training to the militants. Sedney also said that strong actions taken by Pakistan against the terrorists will make its relations better with its neighbors.

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