Heavy Rains in California Could Help To Extinguish the Deadly Fire

Heavy rains

Deadliest fire has occurred in California taking the lives of around 79 people. The fire was started on November 8 and has burnt around 151000 acres of land. The fire has also burnt around 11713 homes and 472 businesses.

It has been predicted that due to two storms, heavy rains will occur which will help to extinguish the fire. According to NBC meteorologist Kathrin Providence, It is expected that the rainfall will start on Wednesday that is 21st of November which may continue till the next day.


Next rainfall can start on Friday which may continue till Saturday. Due to these storms, the volume of rainfall will be from 1 inch to 3 inches. It is also predicted that the rainfall will not extinguish the fire but it will make the earth wet and slow the fire down.

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If rainfall crosses 3 inches, then rivers and streams can get flooded and water will be soaked in the mud. This can trap the fire trucks which are there to extinguish the fire.

The combination of mud and fire can lead to mudslide. According to a Santa Barbara County fire spokesman, in the month of January also mudslides occurred in the Monteci to community which killed around 21 people.

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