Trump May Give Authority to Border Troops to Defend Border Patrol Agents


US President Donald Trump is expected to deploy Customs and Border Protection personnel by giving authority to the troops bordering Mexico.

The protection is being given on account of the migrants intruding in the country. Department of Homeland Security requested the protection from the president. Secretary Neilson has said that front line personnel will be protected from any harm from the border.

He has also appreciated the Department of Defense which will provide protection to the Department of Defense Homeland.

Trump May Give Authority to Border Troops to Defend Border Patrol Agents

There are 2000 personnel on the border and 5800 more personnel have been deployed in order to protect the Department of Defense Homeland personnel which is a mixture of active duty, reserve, and National Guard forces. Besides these, thousands of patrolling agents are also deployed there. The cost of this operation has been estimated up to around $200 million and has been named as Border Support. President Trump will send 15,000 more troops for the operation.

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According to NBC news, the troops deployed there will not have to do much work. Troops will have no authority of arresting the immigrants. This authority will only be given to border agents. The troops have been given the task of laying barbed wires around the US-Mexico border. Some troops will be wearing armor for self defense.

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