Rahul Gandhi says, “Demonetisation is the Biggest Scam in Independent India”


On Friday, Rahul Gandhi (Congress chief) termed demonetisation as the biggest scam in India. He added that it will be proved very soon that the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi robbed and earned money from poor people and gave this money to few rich people.

While addressing a rally on Friday in Madhya Pradesh, Congress chief said that now Modi doesn’t talk about being a chowkidar and on removing corruption in our country, which he was claiming before becoming the PM of India.

Gandhi also said that PM Modi cancelled the Rafale deal of 126 fighter planes without informing then Indian Defence minister ManoharParrikar. Gandhi also said that Indian government wants to include Anil Ambani to be a part of the deal.He also said that Anil Ambani has received Rs. 30,000 crore for this deal from Modi.

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Demonetisation is the Biggest Scam in Independent India

Modi allowed defaulters like NiravModi, MehulChowksi, and VijayMallya to run away from the country with our money and made us stand in queues outside ATMs. Time will prove that how Modi had robbed you all and gave your money to rich people.

He also added in his speech “These days, PM Modi doesn’t have mention of corruption, he only tall promise that he had made all these promises to come in power.

He not only stopped here but also said that Modi claimed to be the chowkidar of the country but turned out to be a chowkidar of industrialists.

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