Thanksgiving Day will be Coldest this Year in the US

Happy Thanksgiving

In the USA, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November and it is expected that this will be the coldest day in this year. It has been predicted by the meteorologists. The temperature is said to be -29 degrees in Philadelphia, -26 degrees in New York and -21 degrees in Boston. Previously this occurred on November 30, 1871, at New York when the temperature was -22 degrees. In 1873, Boston was coldest having the temperature of -19 degrees and Philadelphia -28 degrees in 1901.

Currently, winds with the speed of 15 mph to 25mph are blowing through New York City. Though Macy’s parade would be carried on but flying of 16 giant balloons is still under suspicion. The flying of balloons will be decided on Thursday.

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The balloon flying has caused an accident in 1997 when winds were blowing at 43 mph and a 6-foot tall cat collided with a Hat balloon which collided by a lamppost hitting two people. One of them went into a coma and recovered after 23 days. In 1971, the balloons were grounded due to winds.

Though it will be very cold, still people will come to celebrate the day. Mayor of Boston is only worried about how much cold the day will be. There is a tradition of playing football on Thanksgiving Day in which people are not dressed properly and the mayor is worried about them too. The mayor has requested the football participants to be dressed properly. He has asked them to cover the face and hands.

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