After Coming to Power as MP, Kamal Nath Waived the Farmer’s Loan

Kamal Nath waives farmers' loans

New Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath had taken oath on 17 december as a chief minister. After taking oath, he cleared the proposal of the waiving of farm loans. He granted upto Rs 2 lakhs for this purpose which was promised by Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s declaration before assembly polls. Rajesh Rajora, who is a Principal Secretary of Farmer’s Welfare and Agricultural Development Department, issued an order in this regard, after the CM signed the relevant file. The Government of Madhya Pradesh has taken a decision to give short term loan to the eligible farmers through the nationalised and cooperative banks.

Kamal Nath

The limit of the loan is up to 2 lakh rupees as on March 31,2018. Rahul Gandhi had already announced on June 7 at Pipliya Mandi in Mandsaur district that his party would waive farm loans within the 10 days of coming to his party in the state. The MP congress president Kamal Nath and the state Congress president Jyotiraditya Scindia had sat during the poll campaign when Rahul Gandhi said that. In november 28, the Congress President had reiterated the farm loan waiver promised during the campaign. After the new CM signed the relevant file which was related to this purpose, Rahul Gandhi tweeted on his twitter account. He said that CM was to grant this loan within one to two hours of his party, getting the power. During an agitation on June last year, six farmers were killed in police firing and this incident was happened at Pipliya Mandi. The party secured the support of seven more MLAs, one Sp and two BSP and four independent and won by 114 assembly seats.

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These seats helped to cross the majority mark of 116 in the 230 member assembly. Mr. Kamal Nath was selected as the 18th chief minister of Madhya Pradesh on December 17. 72 year old Congress veteran Governor Anandiben Patel, who was the important person in steering the party to win the election, administered the oath to Nath. To grant the decision soon after taking the oath, is so much beneficial for the farmers.

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