Latest Stock News: Updates of Bharti Airtel and Jet Airways

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On Friday the Stocks market remained in loss in Asia. The investor were worried about the stock market. Because the market faced a weak US equity session. As a result the interests rates are getting high and they will look forward to trade war for their earnings.

Many Countries like Japan, South Korea and Australia had fallen to maintain their share. It is assumed that Hong Kong is pointed for the loss in future. The market showed that the S&P 500 index fell more than 1 percent. There would be a loss of 2 percent in Nasdaq 100’s. An early indicator of NSE Nifty 50 Index’s fall0.7 percent to 10313.50.

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A special committee of directors are formed by Bharti Airtel telecom sector on Thursday to maintain. The company make to strengthen its capital structure for their business. The company try to increase their funds on balance sheet to spread their area of business. The meeting which was held on Thursday, they decide to make an authorised committee of directors. So that they can better in fundraising and to maintain their balance sheet.

Jet Airways gained 3 percent share among the reports. On Thursday the company organised a board meeting. The meeting is about the fundraising issues. Their stock gained 2.38 percent to settle at Rs 252 according to the National Stock Exchange(NSE). Media report said that the airways company faced the financial distress for three back to back quarterly losses. The chief executive officer of Jet Airways named Vinay Dube said the airline committee had sought of various investors to overcome their financial problem.

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Mindtree had also organised a meeting to raise their funds. The various strategies employed by Mindtree have always proven themselves to be very successful at enamoring their clients, and captured the attention of the larger clients who bring in the real revenue of the company. Being a successful company, Mindtree has a very good marketing team, who can properly communicate the product and services offered to the clients flawlessly, and a research team devoted to bringing the best of results to the clients.

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