Tsunami hits Indonesia, Results in Tragic End

It was a night of end year celebrations by the electricity utility of the country called Perusahaan Listrik Negara. The band Seventeen was lighting up the crowd at a beach side private concert unaware of the advancing danger. It was Saturday night and the band was performing their hearts out when suddenly Tsunami wave hit the shore of the Tanjung Lesung beach located in Western Java and washed away all the celebrations. A video recording was found by an anonymous person who shot the sight of the band members vanishing under the water as the dreaded disaster hit the beach. Everyone present there tried to flee but all in vein and the grand celebrations met a tragic end. It has been reported that four of the band members that includes road manager Mr. Oki Wijaya, bassist M. Awal Bani purbani, crew member Ujang and the guitarist Herman Sikumbang were killed whereas the drummer and the lead singer’s wife is still missing. As per the reports, about twenty-nine people were killed who were a part of this event.

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A crew member called Zack got saved by holding a part of the stage. He was shocked from the terrifying experience that he had and said that the only way by which he was able to save himself from this dreadful disaster was by praying. He also added that the last few seconds were the toughest for him where he lost almost lost all the hope as he struggled to breathe.

The Lead Singer of the band, Riefan Fajarsyah posted a heart breaking video on Instagram wearing the same shirt which he was wearing on that horrifying night. With a teary eye he pleaded all to pray for the people who went missing which includes his wife and also for them who lost their lives to this dreadful event.

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This is only one of the stories that Tsunami brought a tragic end to, there are multiple similar stories which changed the lives of many people. The killer Tsunami waves took the lives of about 222 people; injuring about 843 and 28 are still missing.

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