Motley Fool Issues Rare “Ultimate Buy” Alert

Sometimes I have to pinch myself…

As a long-time tech stock analyst at The Motley Fool, every day I wake up and get the chance to witness two of the most legendary investors of our time aim to help everyday people like you identify and profit from some of the world’s most promising investment opportunities.

It’s hard to believe, but 2018 marked the 25-year anniversary of the founding of The Motley Fool by those two legendary investors, David and Tom Gardner.

It’s truly amazing that Tom and David were able to go from publishing an investment newsletter for 300 or so subscribers out of the shed behind David’s house…

To serving millions of hardworking investors like you around the globe from offices in far-flung countries like Australia, Germany, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Japan.

David and Tom have put together a heck of a run. And since I have the luxury of working with them, I know what they’re most proud of is their ability to consistently lead investors to some of the most life-changing investment returns the market has ever seen. I’m talking, of course, about companies like:

  • Amazon (up 10,554%)
  • Netflix (up 15,776%)
  • Nvidia (up 2,926%)
  • Baidu (up 2,099%)
  • (up 1,817%)

Those are actual investment recommendations David and Tom have shared with The Motley Fool community over the years – and the list goes on!

But I’m not here to throw David and Tom a victory parade or make you feel depressed if you missed out on any of those huge gains…

Instead, I’m writing you today to talk about something I believe will change the way you invest forever.

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More specifically, a rare and historically very profitable stock buy signal is flashing right now.

You see, David and Tom Gardner independently research and pick their own stocks – what David picks has nothing to do with what Tom pick and vice versa.

However, every so often the two of them will land on the exact same stock.

Many of us around the office have come to call this formal agreement between these two legendary investors the “Ultimate Buy” sign.

It’s rare that David and Tom formally agree on the exact same stock – it’s only happened 23 times over the entire history of Motley Fool Stock Advisor.

But when it has happened, the results have been spectacular:

  • Netflix is up 10,355% since Tom agreed with David on it in June 2007
  • Tesla, which received the “Ultimate Buy” sign in November 2012, is up 963% since.

In fact, across the 23 stocks David and Tom have agreed on … the average return is an astounding 579% … crushing the S&P 500 by more than 7x!

Of course, neither David or Tom would ever describe this stock as a “sure thing,” but the details behind this tiny little internet company are impressive:

  • It’s smaller than 1/100ththe size of Google.
  • Each one of David’s and Tom’s recommendations of its stock is crushing the market.
  • Its young CEO has already banked $575 million on this stock since its IPO.

This company stands to profit as more and more people ditch cable for streaming TV. And in fact, David and Tom believe this company’s crucial technology could represent the final nail in the coffin for traditional cable.

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Now this isn’t some competitor to Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video as you might expect. Instead, this company sits in the middle of the advertising market, which is more than 10X bigger than the online streaming industry.

In an interview with Tom Gardner and his team, this company’s CEO called the current moment “the most exciting in the history of advertising.”

Of course, any CEO could say that simply to build up hype and push the company’s stock price higher … but this CEO is putting his money where his mouth is.

He’s betting his fortune – $575,715,640 to be exact – on what he’s calling cable TV’s “ticking time bomb.”

And here’s the real kicker…

Despite this company’s jaw-dropping success over the past few years, most investors have still never even heard of this company’s name!

That’s right, while everyone on CNBC and in The Wall Street Journal is busy talking about blue-chip stocks like Apple and Facebook, this significantly smaller (yet faster-growing!) company is flying almost completely under the radar.

And, while most investors have been busy pouring more money into only these well-known tech stocks, David and Tom have been doing what the world’s greatest investors do — looking for the NEXT stock that could deliver returns of +1,000%, +2,000%, or even +5,000%.

That’s why they’ve been pounding the table on this “Ultimate Buy” stock I’ve begun to tell you about today – urging members of The Motley Fool investment community to buy shares before they potentially skyrocket.

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Look, I understand this all may sound too good to be true, but the returns for “Ultimate Buy” stocks simply have been too good to ignore – and there’s no guarantee that the investing world ever sees this buy signal flash again.

Which is exactly why I want to show you the hard numbers behind this incredible stock and invite you to hear more about this strategy directly from David and Tom and their team of analysts – that way, you can decide for yourself if you want to buy shares of this fast-growing company for your portfolio.

There’s just one catch:

I’m sharing the details of the stock ONLY with members of The Motley Fool’s flagship investing service, Motley Fool Stock Advisor.

Now, if you’re not familiar with Motley Fool Stock Advisor service, it’s the award-winning online investing service David and Tom created to provide easy-to-follow, monthly stock recommendations to individual investors.

That’s right! Each and every month, over 400,000 investors tune in to discover which stocks David and Tom Gardner believe investors should be buying shares of today.

Which brings me back to the small, under-the-radar company receiving the “Ultimate Buy” signal in today’s market…

Because David and Tom want as many investors as possible to potentially profit from this fast-growing stock, they’ve published a brand-new, comprehensive “buy” report inside Stock Advisor that shows you exactly why this stock is an “ultimate buy.” Fool has more

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