Is Jio University TheNext Big Thing In Education?

jio university

Asia’s 2nd richest man Mukesh Ambani has had numerous successes to his name. But the population of the country and beyond most strongly associates him with the Jio name. Now it seems that the Jio tag will become more than just a phone network provider. The Jio university is all set up for launch.

Jio University Campus, Location and Label

Never the one to do things small.

Mukesh Ambani announced an ambitious plan to change the face of education in India. Mukesh Ambani in 2018 announced a massive 1000 crore investment. The institute became a center of news and some controversy. When it was granted the ‘Institute of Eminence’ label in July 2018, even before its foundations were laid. This puts it on par with the top public and private institutes of the country and gives it unprecedented autonomy in functioning.

The institute will be located in Ambani’s stronghold of Mumbai. A sprawling 800-acre campus is earmarked for Navi Mumbai. With the massive investment and Ambani’s ambition to have the university as one of the top in the world. It is expected that the jio university campus will boast of state of the art facilities for teaching, learning, residence, and recreation.

Jio University: Academics and Staff

A lot of functioning and planning of Jio university was supposed to kickstart this year. A lot of plans have been delayed due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. However, existing news reports have suggested that Ambani’s foundation intends to leave no stone unturned when it comes to academic excellence. The university’s founders have already reached out to institutes such as MIT and Northwestern University to bring in faculty members. The university also plans to have visiting professors worldwide to help students get the best learning opportunities.

Alongside this, the institute will also have a global advisory board with administrators. From top universities of the world to guide the academic and overall outlook of the university.

The pandemic may have slowed down the construction of the campus, but the academic sessions are in full swing. The institute plans to offer Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, digital media, and integrated marketing in 2021. These courses aim to start right at the cutting edge of technology and current economic conditions. It aims to push undergraduate students into a complete learning experience of these topics.

It is, however, unknown as of now whether these plans will continue as scheduled. As the courses were announced before the covid-19 pandemic began.

jio university Campus

Jio University: Potential?

The jio university is certainly a very ambitious project with many expectations and more than a fair share of controversy surrounding it from the start. While many believe that the institute can become one of the major driving forces that brings a much-needed change in the education system in India, others are a bit skeptical. They believe that the institute may become the Ambani family’s playground, or that it may eventually end up catering only to the rich and privileged, despite tentative announcements for scholarships. In its projected earnings, the university’s founders suggested that they are set to make around 6 lakhs per student after the scholarship money is set aside, which has sparked debates about how affordable the university may be.

Despite the legitimate fears, the Jio university can perhaps become the push for educational institutions in India, especially private ones, to let go of ancient systems of learning and profit-minded approach and focus instead on imparting education, knowledge, and skills that enable individuals to become good workers and good citizens.

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