TamilGun-Notable Points To Watch Out For

What are you looking for your Weekend-some fun, amusement, entertainment? Well, movies from an important part of our entertainment and weekend is the best time to rejoice. Now, it’s time to watch movies online using Movie apps. Tamilgun is one such app that you will love to have on your handset for downloading quality movies. You can get the entire list of movies from Bollywood, Tollywood, as well as Hollywood of various genres. It basically leaks the latest movies just after the official release. 

Salient Features of TamilGun

  • Free App

The unique feature is that you will get all the movies for free.  So, you will enjoy the best movies and TV shows during your leisure time.

  • HD Mode TamilGun app provides movies of high resolutions. The movies are available at 480p, 720p, and 1080p. It gives an awesome movie watching experience.
  • Plethora of Movies

TamilGun app gives you all sorts of movies be it Bollywood or Tollywood. You will enjoy all sorts of TV shows based on various categories. You can find the most popular and latest one using the quick search feature.

  • Good TV Shows
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This app features many popular TV shows coming from various genres. You can watch various TV shows of genres such as drama, horror, crime, romance, etc. 

  • High Downloading Speed

TamilGun comes with faster downloading features than the other movie sites. You will rarely find any technical glitch or error while downloading. Moreover, you won’t find any sudden popups and other ads while watching your favorite movie or show.

How you can Download TamilGun app on your Android Handsets?

One problematic thing is that it is not available on the Google Play Store. You have to download the TamilGun app from third-party sources. Moreover, it won’t occupy too much space on your mobile or another device. TamilGun app is available on iOS devices, PC/Laptops, and on Android as well.

Generic Guideline to Download Movie from TamilGun App.

  1. The first and foremost thing is that you need to go to the TamilGun site.
  2. Next thing is to write your favorite movie and press the Download in order to bring that movie on your device.
  3. Thereafter, you need to choose the favorite format such as 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p from the available list.
  4. Then, hover on to the download link.
  5. Finally, press the designated link to initiate the process of downloading the video file.
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TamilGun 2021- Details of the Downloading Site

CategoryMovies & MP3
New URLwww.tamilgun.net
StateTamil Nadu
Main Domainwww.tamilgun.com

Whether TamilGun Authentic Enough to download?- Government Fails to Stop Piracy

No, it is not at all viable to download videos from the TamilGun application. This is prohibited by the Government of India. Since the piracy law is imposed in India, using this app can be a punishable act. You need to pay hefty charges as per the IPC.

Why did TamilGun Earn Popularity in 2019?

TamilGun has come up with HD movies that you can watch as well as download. Now, everyone wishes to watch movies online. Nowadays people love to stay at home and enjoy movies with family or friends. Moreover, you are getting HD content online and so these websites get an opportunity to publish HD content. As a result, piracy seems to be a major issue in movie industries.

Initially, TamilGun came up with some small websites which were quite unknown. But because of the rising demand, this movie site came into limelight featuring Tamilgun HD movies. Now, everyone is looking for their favorite movie and wish to download it to watch it later. Out of this curiosity, the majority of the crowd go ahead downloading and these movie websites earn huge success. They earn a great deal by presenting their movies online.

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Final Verdict

When it comes to piracy definitely downloading movies from TamilGun or TamilRockers is not at all advisable. But yes since they are available for free people to download movies from this website. But before download, you need to consider the law of the country. 

Hopefully, this article guides you and clears all your doubts regarding the TamilGun website. If you are a citizen of a different country and your country doesn’t ban this website, you are good to download the movies. 

Government Policies

The government has passed new laws that ban the working of websites containing pirated content to function from the Indian platform. Thus, all the servers which have been set up and the large network which connects us to all the users are directly operated from other countries. The countries are not revealed but most of the time it is operated from the regions of the United States and thus making the content safe from any laws that have been passed by the government.


Piracy is a Crime, and we never support this. We are not promoting or supporting the distribution of pirated content. Promoting and distribution of pirated content is a punishable act. So please be stay out of this kind of website. This information is just only to educate you about the site.

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