How to Check your Bank of Baroda (BOB) Balance?

Bank of Baroda Balance check

Bank of Baroda (BOB) is a largest facilitated bank located in the whole of India. This bank has over 10000 branches in the whole of India and has more than 6000 ATM located around. Customers who have their savings, deposit or current accounts here can check off their Bank of Baroda (BOB) quickly. They can do the same with the use of a mobile number, net banking and other type of facilities which are given the option to.

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How to Check your Balance?

There are a lot of listed ways through which Bank of Baroda (BOB) can help and let their customers check out their balance on their accounts.

  1. With the help of the passbook

Customers can check their balance with the use of the passbook facility that they have. It can help them to get a statement on what type of account figure that they hold.

  1. With the use of the ATM card

The Bank of Baroda (BOB) customers can even check off their balance with the use of the ATM or the debit card. You need to find an ATM and then put it onto the ATM pin code that you own. Then you can choose the balance inquiry option, and your balance for your account will be displayed on your screen.

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SMS Balance checking method:

Customers who want to check off their BOB account balance can do with the help of the 8422009988 in a specific format. They have to type in the SMS for the balance inquiry for the designated number, which is mentioned here.

Here is a chart of the same:


SMS Format

Balance Enquiry

BAL < space > XXXX

Mini Statement

MINI < space > XXXX

Cheque Status

CHEQ < space > XXXX < space > Cheque No.

Un-subscribing SMS alert facility

DEACT < space > XXXX

Subscribing SMS alert facility

ACT < space > XXXX

Missed call service:

There is a lot of missed call service, which can be applied as well. These are eligible for the,

  1. Savings account.
  2. Current account.
  3. Overdraft account.
  4. Cash credit account.
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Now checking your Bank of Baroda balance will become simple for you.

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