International Kite Festival 2020 | Ahmedabad, Gujarat

International Kite Festival 2020

International Kite Festival 2020

You see everything from illuminated high-speed sports kites and box kites to handpainted ones in Ahmedabad!

The International Kite Festival is the unique phenomenon, during which the skies over most cities of Uttarayan are covered with kites from before dawn until the dark hours. Parents find their children setting the alarm for 5 am to get up and start flying kites in the ideal pre-dawn wind, although normally impossible to get them out of bed for school.

While special foods like surati jamun undhyu or laddoos are served, whole families gather on the rooftop, and friends and neighbors visit each other for group kite-flying fun — this is when the pure magic happens.

Celebration of Kite festival is a remarkable Gujarati miracle, when most of the state’s urban areas are cut off with a kite with the first day break. The celebration denotes the days in the Hindu schedule when winter starts swinging to summer, known as Makar Sankranti or Uttarayan.

On what is generally a splendid warm bright day with energetic breezes to lift the kites overhead, over the state all typical action is closed down and everybody takes to the housetops and roadways to fly kites and rival their neighbors. Kites of every kind imaginable are flown, and the primary rivalry is to fight adjacent kite-flyers to chop their strings and cut down their kites.

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International kite festival 2020

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