Famous Star Hema Malini Tells That People Will Not Vote For Her Identity

Hema Malini Tells That People Will Not Vote For Her Identity

If Prime Minister Narendra Modi will not re-elect and not return to power in the upcoming election, then it will be a hazardous situation for our country. Only he justifies his responsibility and constantly does the correct thing for our country people. BJP MP Hema Malini has said in Mathura. In this year the famous actress returned to the power once again and defeated her opponent in Mathura Lok Sabha Constituency in Uttar Pradesh. She further tells that Modiji has to take initiative against all kinds of corruption in our country. In an interview, this actress said there is no other option for the Prime Minister post. Our country will be in trouble if Modiji will not in power. That is the reason behind our hard work. We all try to bring Modiji in this election. She told this in the PTI Bhasa.

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She emphasized the numerous schemes and initiatives are taken by this Government. She also referred that the previous Government did not take these kinds of initiatives for the betterment of our country. She also refers that this is very sad that the other parties criticize the work procedure of the present PM. Our PM always works bravely for our nation whatever he has felt. She adds to her speech. The BJP lawmaker said that she is happy to use the “chowkidarni” prefix to her name on Twitter. She mentioned that our PM is a Chowkidar and she is also a chowkidarni and all the members of BJP work hard and assist him always. Modiji is bravely dealing with corruption and diminish it from the country. That is the reason behind the desperateness of the opposition. She tells that every people will vote for the BJP party for Modiji, not for her. Along with her all BJP members working hard to win for this election battle. She adds that people will not vote for me though she is a Bollywood actress. She always tells in her public speech what Modi ji has done for our nation.

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