PM Modi’s Visit to Prayag: Felicitation Of Sanitation Workers

PM Modi’s Visit to Prayag DP

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, reached Prayag on Sunday. He was there to felicitate the sanitation workers working for the Kumbh Mela. PM Modi participated in the Swachh Kumbh Swachh Aabhar event and offered prayers at the Sangam.

PM Modi distributed the Swachh Kumbh Swachh Aabhaar awards to ‘safaai karmacharis’ ‘swachhaagrahis’, police personnel and ‘naaviks’. He also washed the feet of the swachhaagrahis. This system was started by Mahatma Gandhi. Later on, he interacted with the sanitation workers and referred them as the “real karm yogis”. Triveni Puja was also conducted by a group of priests. PM Modi offered milk, fruits, a red sari and Chandan to the holy rivers at Prayag.

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PM Modi said that No one can know the hard work they (safai karamcharis) have put in the Kumbh. Cleanliness has been the of the prime importance of this Kumbh Modi said at a gathering at the Kumbh Mela, adding they are the real karma yogis of the entire event.

PM Modi also interacted with the priests, who conducted puja. Modi ji offered some Dakshina to the priests and did a brief ‘Sankalpa’. A pious thread was also tied to the right wrist, as a symbol of the blessings.

PM Modi’s Visit to Prayag

While addressing the people there, he said” no stone was left unturned to make this “Divya Kumbh” a “Bhavya (grand) Kumbh”. The Swachh Kumbh is happening at an auspicious time when the nation is also celebrating the 150th birth anniversary of the great Mahatma Gandhi, who had 100 years ago also expressed the desire for a cleaner Kumbh when he had visited the Kumbh in Haridwar. The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is moving ahead with incredible pace, and by October 2, India will become open defecation-free he had said.

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Modi ji continued his speech by praising the “naaviks” (boatmen), referring them as the “sevak” of Lord Ram.  The prime minister described himself as the pradhan sevak of the boatmen.  The Boatmen play an important role during Kumbh. There is a very strong relationship between Prayagraj and the boatmen. They are the dedicated soldiers of Maa Ganga. Without them, the Ramayana along with Lord Ram is incomplete. He said that the infrastructure built for this year’s Kumbh is permanent. PM Modi started and ended his speech paying gratitude to the holy rivers in Prayag.

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