How to Choose The Best Technical Equipment For Engineering Education?

engineering equipment

The technical equipment for engineering education plays a decisive role in training future engineers. After all, the higher the quality of this equipment, the better the professional skills of the students.

Electronics, communications, biomedicine, chemistry… Engineering pupils will create the technology of tomorrow, so they need to have the latest technical equipment to train. It is essential to choose a good provider to guarantee them a high-profile teaching! At this point, there are many reasons that point to Edibon as a safe bet. Still don’t know this prestigious multinational?

The technical equipment for engineering education you need is at Edibon’s

Edibon is a Spanish multinational that has been creating technical equipment for the training of engineering students for 40 years. Not surprisingly, their advanced know-how has allowed them to sell their products in more than 150 countries. Did you know that Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are among their clients?

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Guaranteed Quality

Edibon has a team made up of 120 highly qualified professionals. Among them, it stands out their staff of more than 50 engineers dedicated full time to provide constant improvement of their products.

Technical equipment for engineering education created by Edibon is synonymous with the highest quality. In fact, this multinational has numerous certificates that accredit it. Some of them are ISO 9001. ISO 14001. ISO 27001. CE, UL and CSA. In addition, it is a member of the American Society For Engineering Education (ASEE) and WORLDDIDAC Association.

Committed from the start to satisfy all your needs

The comprehensive service is a decisive aspect when tipping the balance in favor of Edibon. Not surprisingly, this company assists their customers throughout the process in order to ensure their absolute satisfaction.

  • Design of 100 % exclusive equipment.
  • Manufactured entirely in Spain.
  • Exhaustive quality control.
  • Installation and training by engineers qualified by Edibon and their partners.
  • Complete after-sales service that includes a 5-year warranty and a 15-year supply of spare parts.
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Discover the extensive Edibon’s catalog 

Regarding the training of engineering students, Edibon stands out for their complete range of products and services. In fact, this company currently has more than 4000 products designed and developed by themselves, which are the result of the latest technological advances. What’s more, there is no need in this sector that this company cannot satisfy, with some of their most demanded services, which are the following:

  • Manufacture of customized educational equipment.
  • Complete design of technical laboratories.
  • Distance education and technical courses.
  • Technical equipment for all engineering specialties. A good example of this is their extensive catalog of biomedical equipment (BIHBPC, BIPBSC, BIADC, BISBC, BIMAG, BICIR, BIETC, etc.).
  • Creation of pilot plants to develop processes on a reduced scale.
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In conclusion, the professional success of future engineers is directly related to the technical equipment for engineering education that they use during their training. Edibon’s variety, advanced technology and features make this multinational a winning option when it comes to purchasing such equipment.

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