[UFJH2I] Dunzo Referral Code (2024) | Earn Up to 100

dunzo referral code

Dunzo is a referral code that can earn up to 100 reward points when you refer friends. Here’s how it works: when your friend signs up and purchases through your referral link, you’ll earn 20 reward points. If your friend makes a purchase and spends at least $10, you’ll earn an extra 50 reward points. That’s up to 100 reward points, which can be redeemed for discounts and other perks on Dunzo products.

Dunzo Referral code for new user 

Dunzo is a social media management platform that helps business owners grow their social media presence. The Referral Code (2023) allows new users to earn up to 100 free credits when signing up. You must sign up and purchase through your referral link to receive your free credits.

How to get the Dunzo referral link referral code: 

Dunzo is a referral program that allows you to earn up to 100 dollars when you refer new customers to the site. The referral code is UFJH2I. Enter the code when you sign up for a new account, and you will be on your way to earning some extra cash. If you want to learn more about the program, click here.

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How to get free Dunzo credits: Sign up for an account with Dunzo and purchase through your referral link. The site will then credit your account with $50 in free credits. Sign up now!

How do I get a Dunzo referral code? 

Dunzo is a new, innovative way to shop for clothes. You can either shop on the main site or use the app. The app has a referral program where you can earn up to 100% of your referral’s purchase. Sign up for a free account at dunzoshop.com/signup and enter your referral code [UFJH2I] when prompted. If you want to purchase, sign up with your referral code. To get free Dunzo credits, sign up for an account with Dunzo and purchase through your referral link. The site will then credit your account with $50 in free credits.

What is the benefit of the Dunzo referral code? 

Dunzo is a cloud-based invoicing and tracking tool that helps businesses save time and get paid faster. With Dunzo, you can easily invoice customers, track expenses, and get paid automatically. Plus, with our referral code, you can earn up to 100% on your first three referrals!

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Referring friends and family to Dunzo is a great way to help your business grow. Not only will you earn money for referring people to the platform, but you’ll also be helping other people get organized and manage their finances better. Plus, with our referral code, you can earn up to 100% on your first three referrals!

What you need to do to receive the referral code

We have a special code for you if you want to refer friends and family to Dunzo. The referral code is UFJH2I. When your friends and family sign up and use the referral code, you will earn 2023 reward points! It is a great way to get extra money in your pocket while helping your friends and family save money on their finances. You can also use these reward points to take advantage of special offers or discounts from Dunzo. So don’t wait – give the referral code a try today!

The rewards you can earn:

Dunzo is a referral code that can be used to earn rewards. Rewards include cash, discounts, and other exclusive offers. The referral code can be found on the Dunzo home page and the checkout page when logging in. When a referral completes their first purchase, they will receive a 20% discount off their total order. Additionally, if the referred person makes at least three additional purchases within six months of the original purchase, they will also receive 500 bonus points.

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Points system

The Dunzo Referral Code (2023) is an updated version of the original referral program Dunzo launched in 2013. The new program allows members to earn up to 100 points for every new member they refer, up to 2000 points. These points can be redeemed for various rewards, including discounts on products and services, free cashback, and more.

Program benefits

If you’re already a Dunzo member, refer your friends and get rewarded! When they join, you’ll both earn extra points that can be used to get discounts, free services, and other exclusive offers. Plus, your referrals will stay logged in for an extra month so they can continue using all the great features our platform has to offer.

What exactly Dunzo does?

Service TypeHyperlocal delivery service
FunctionalityFacilitates various tasks such as grocery shopping, parcel delivery, and errands through a mobile app
User InteractionConnects users with nearby delivery partners to efficiently complete tasks

Why did Dunzo fail?

Factors Contributing to FailureDescription
Increased CompetitionFaced challenges from a competitive market
Operational ComplexitiesEncountered difficulties in managing and optimizing operations
Market DynamicsStruggled to adapt to changing market conditions and demands

How much does Dunzo charge for delivery?

Delivery ChargesDescription
Cost VariationCharges vary based on factors such as distance, time, and the nature of the task
Transparent PricingUsers can check the app or the official Dunzo website for the latest pricing information

What is the joining fee for Dunzo delivery partner?

Joining Fee for Delivery PartnerDescription
Official GuidelinesIndividuals interested in becoming a Dunzo delivery partner should refer to the official Dunzo partner program guidelines for accurate and up-to-date information on any joining fees

Dunzo App

App FunctionalityDescription
Centralized PlatformThe app serves as a centralized platform, providing a user-friendly experience for placing orders and scheduling deliveries

Dunzo Delivery

Delivery Service FocusDescription
Quick and EfficientFocuses on providing a quick and efficient solution for users to delegate and accomplish various tasks, including groceries and parcel deliveries

Dunzo Merchant

Opportunities for MerchantsDescription
Collaboration OpportunitiesDunzo offers collaboration opportunities for merchants, allowing businesses to expand their reach

Dunzo for Business

Business ServicesDescription
Bulk Deliveries and Corporate NeedsDunzo extends its services to businesses through “Dunzo for Business,” providing solutions for bulk deliveries and corporate needs

Dunzo Customer Care Number

Customer SupportDescription
Contact InformationUsers seeking assistance or information can contact Dunzo’s customer support through the provided customer care number


How do I use the Dunzo referral code?

To use the Dunzo referral code, first head to dunzoreferralcode.com and enter your referral code. Once you’ve entered your code, click on the “Refer a Friend” button and follow the instructions on referring a friend. If you have already referred a friend through Dunzo, enter their email address in the “Referred By” field and click the “Share” button.

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