French Fries in Delivery – Problematic? Not Anymore! Check Out How to Serve French Fries to Go

french fries delivery

Serving French fries to go can be a nightmare for restaurantthat carry out take-away orders. What is the reason for this? They quickly lose their crispiness, become soft and unappetizing. At the same time they are one of the most frequently ordered take-away dishes. So what can you do to make sure your fries retain their properties and arrive to your customer deliciously crispy? Here are 8 tips to help you serve the perfect French fries to go.
Who is the target audience of this article? Everyone who runs food trucks, fast food bars, restaurants and other catering establishments that serve French fries to go and would like to do it better.

The best kind of fries for take-out

When preparing French fries for take-out, start by choosing the right type of product. You can find many types of French fries on the market: Belgian fries, straight fries, crinkle cut… Which ones to choose? Crispy French fries are the best choice to take away. In their composition, or more precisely on their surface there is often an addition of rice flour, thanks to which the fries are covered with a special coating. It makes the fries crispy for longer and thus more appetizing.

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Before you put them in the fries packaging

The second important step is the proper preparation of French fries for packaging. Before putting them into the fries container it is worth to drain them of fat. How to do it quickly and effectively? It is enough to hold the basket with French fries at 45-degree angle for a few seconds. Thanks to this you will get rid of the excess fat and protect the fries container against unaesthetic greasy stains. Remember also not to use oil but a special fryer.

French fries box, box for sauce

French fries are often ordered with side dishes – your favorite sauce or dip. While in the restaurant the fries are served topped with sauces, it is recommended to order the sauce separately when ordering takeaway. This way the fries will not become too soft or rubbery. Packing the sauce in a separate sealed container also protects it from spilling during transport.

Aesthetic way of serving French fries

French fries topped with sauce look very appetizing but you already know that in the take away option you cannot serve them that way. However there are other ways to serve them in a spectacular way. A great idea is to sprinkle the fries with a mixture of spices. Ready-made mixes containing dried herbs work great in this role. They not only emphasise the attractive appearance of the dish but also enhance its taste.

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From the deep fryer straight into the fries box

French fries taste best when they are hot and crispy, therefore this product should never be fried to spare. Even in special heaters used by large fast food chains the French fries retain their properties only for a few minutes. Therefore it is worth taking care that immediately after frying the French fries are delivered to the box and to the orderer.

Fries packaging made of paper

Choosing the right fries container is extremely important. In foil fries will steam up and trays will not sufficiently protect them during transport. So which containers should we opt for? Envelopes for French fries will certainly be a good choice. A paper envelope for French fries has many advantages – it takes up little space, is inexpensive and lightweight. It provides a convenient way of packaging – a bag with fries will easily fit on top of a bucket with breaded pieces of chicken or in a box with a burger or salad.
Besides, disposable paper packaging is not only convenient for packaging and storage, but also an environmentally friendly solution. Boxes, cones, envelopes and buckets are often made from recycled cardboard. So when choosing boxes for French fries it is also worth taking into account that they are environmentally friendly

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French fries box – well-chosen

What you serve your take-away meals in affects how they look. If you want your customers to be fully satisfied with the food delivered by you, take care not only of the aesthetic appearance of the packaging, but also the appropriate size. Too big packaging will not protect the food from moving, too small may deform the meal. Besides, in a too big box or bag a portion of fries looks much smaller. Want to present a portion of fries in the most attractive way? Select paper packaging or paper bags according to the size of the served portion.

An alternative to French fries

French fries are not only a tasty snack but also a popular side dish. In many restaurants instead of French fries you can order potato boats, onion rings, and cheese balls. These snacks are perfect for serving to take away. These are ready-made products in a special coating. Thanks to the coating they stay crispy for a long time, which is an extremely valuable advantage of the delivery option.

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