Donald Trump Denies Any Ties to Ex-Lawyer Michael Cohen’s Crimes

Donald Trump

On Thursday US president Donald Trump denied his connections with his ex-lawyer Michael Cohen. He said, he never told his lawyer to break the law. He totally declined the incident. The charges of this incident included hush money payments to women. His lawyer was sentenced to jail during the 2016 presidential election. Trump mentioned his twitter accounts that Cohen had found to be guilty on numerous charges which were unrelated to him. He also said that his lawyer made embarrass the president. Cohen tried to reduce his prison sentence.

On Wednesday Cohen was sentenced to prison for three years in New York on the basis of his statement that was he would “take a bullet for Trump.” He was pleaded guilty for orchestrating the payments. He did the dirty deeds at the behest of Trump. Federal prosecutors said Trump, made an order to pay for his campaign from allegations of sexual affairs with an adult film actress and a Playboy model. The political and legal risks are faced by Trump. After the long investigation of US prosecutors about payments, it was revealed in the exact matter. The investigation stemmed from the larger continuing federal probe into alleged Russian interference which was in the election and possible collusion by Trump’s campaign.

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Donald Trump Denies Any Ties to Ex-Lawyer Michael Cohen’s Crimes

It was not indicted to sit president according to the Justice Department Policy. But Trump could be charged after leaving office, some of the legal experts said this. There were some critics like Democrats and other critics who have brought an issue of impeachment Congress.

Trump said that he had no role to instigate his lawyer misdeeds.

He said on his twitter account that every lawyer bounds to maintain the law. If a lawyer made a mistake he should be liable for the deeds.

The publisher of the National Enquirer tabloid had struck a deal to avoid charges, Prosecutors said this. During Trump’s presidential campaign this incident occurred. Cohen was lying to Congress about proposed Trump Organization building in Moscow, in court on Wednesday. He was told the incident as blind loyalty for trump.

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