Ashok Gehlot to be Rajasthan CM, Sachin Pilot his Deputy

Ashok Gehlot CM

Ashok Gehlot is all set to be the next chief minister of rajasthan. Sachin Pilot is appointed as the deputy chief minister of Rajasthan. In the recently held election, BJP was uprooted by Congress. Out of 200 seats, Congress has won 99 seats.

On december 11, BJP was uprooted by Congress. In the assembly of Rajasthan, there are a total of 200 seats, but due to the death of the BSP candidate in Ramgarh Seat, the poll went on by taking 199 seats on account. The magic figure for making an government was 100 where congress have won 99 seats, RLD secured 1 seat and 13 seats were won by Independents.

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Following to the result declaration, the Congress President went on for several meetings with both the candidates separately. In today’s meeting with the Rajasthan congress’s governing body, they have chosen Ashok Gehlot for the post of chief minister of rajasthan. Earlier he also served Rajasthan as Chief Minister twice. The governing body have appointed Sachin Pilot to be the next deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan. Several senior Congress leaders, including Congress’s observer of this state KC Venugopal, along with Avinash Pande and Jitendra Singh, were present during that meeting.

 Ashok Gehlot

Hours before the meeting Rahul Gandhi posted a photo with this two leaders with a caption “the united colors of Rajasthan”.

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Gehlot confirmed that earlier they both worked together like magic and this time also they will work together for a well structured Government. 67 years old Gehlot often called as Rajasthan’s Gandhi due to his simple lifestyle and well acceptance among common people. While 41 years old Pilot is considered as the young gun of Rajasthan. Thus the governing body is well structured, with both the old and new.

They both will met the governor for the details related to oath taking ceremony.

This win threatens BJP for the PM election to be held next year. Apart from that the selection for the post of CM and Deputy CM is considered as the balancing act from congress’s point of view.

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