Astonishing Facts About Antilia, Mukesh Ambani’s Home


Mukesh Ambani the Indian billionaires, has recently moved to the world’s biggest and second most expensive home with his family. The designer of Antilia is Perkins and Will. The home is located at the Altamount Road that is considered the most expensive area in the world.

The name of the home is Antilia. As per the physical dimension structure of the mansion, it’s built upon 49000 Square foot area, includes 27 floors and the height is 550feet. The value of the mansion is Rs.85,000 per square foot.

Let’s have a look at the interior of the mansion. Following are the inferior structure of the mansion that is breath-taking:

The Luxurious Garage

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The garage area has given a huge amount of space, it’s considered that floor 1 to 7 is the garage area. The 7 floor is for car services. There’s the space to park almost 165 cars at a time. No doubt that Ambani has a huge collection of cars starting from Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes G63 AMG, to the luxurious SUVs. 

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One of the most sporty car BMW i8 in the garage shows that the Ambani family has great taste in cars.

Even the security staff of Ambani uses cars like BMW X5 and Land Rover Discovery.

The Entertainment Area


The Antilia has designed the theatre with 50 seats. Hence, they can have entertainment whenever they want. The theatre has also given the royal touch of yellow lightings with cherry red color seats.

The garden roof keeps the theatre cool. This theatre set-up is considered on the eight floor.

The Relaxation Area


The Ambani has also set up the yoga, spa,  dance studio, swimming pool, and a Jacuzzi. They also have the salon facilities at their mansion. Moreover, there’s also an ice cream parlour in the mansion. These facilities for relaxation and that too at the mansion means a dream come true. 

The Temple Outlook

Temple in the home is considered the main ritual of Indian culture. Antilia also has a temple set up with the beautiful jhoomar lighting and also have a thin and small wall design. It has given the best traditional touch as shown in the above image. 

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The Elevator Concept


There is a total of 9 high-speed elevators in Antilia for 27 floors. Moreover, the gym room is also built-in Antilia.

The Ethnicity Décor

The mansion is decorated with expensive decoration ideas. It gives the decent and royal touch to the interior structure. Moreover, it looks like the king’s palace.

The Hospitality Gesture

The Ambani’s have the gratitude behavior for their guests and the servants. More than 550 servants work at Antilia and they have been looked after their all needs.

The Helipad Concept


The Antilia’s terrace is so well spaced that three helipads can be kept. Ambani’s are the great fan for traveling skywards. Hence, they don’t need to take appointed from anyone. They are rulers of their own.

 The ‘Snow-Room’ Concept

Everyone knows that the Mumbai heat is unbearable. Hence, Antilia’s designers have set-up the artificial snow-flakes to get a respite of summer’s unbearable heat.  The snow-flakes are just the tiny ice-crystal that makes the room cool faster than an air conditioner.

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 The Ballroom Décor


This is the most beautiful Disney type set-up of the whole Antilia. Ambani members are the vega, they consider healthy food and non-alcoholic drinks. They prefer wine only during cocktail hours.

 The Family Quarters Concept


The Ambani members prefer to stay at the top of the floor as they require sunlight. As shown in the above image, the room at the top is decorated with a rustic and traditional look. 

 Each floor has a unique structure 


There’s different theme or decoration for every floor. The designer has given the two motifs, and lotus and sun design to the materials such as marble, and crystals. 

Moreover, the sons and daughters of Ambani are studying the US and they are used to clean their rooms by themselves. Hence, the above was the information about the interior structure of Antilia.

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