10 Myths of Modern Education

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Myth 1: The university does not provide a profession; it should teach students to learn

Higher education is higher professional education, and its purpose is to give people practical skills and theoretical knowledge to solve problems related to their future professional activities. 

Therefore, it is not without reason that all universities shout, “our graduates head banks and factories and work in the most prestigious positions” and “we will teach you everything you need to know” when they are looking for applicants. But very often that university graduates cannot find a job, so we wonder how many people who want to study would have remained the same if they knew this fact?

Myth 2: Online education is not real

Online education is not just short application programs, but also more fundamental education. Many serious universities have distance learning that meets all state standards. Today, you can enroll in any undergraduate or graduate program that interests you and become a specialist with a state university degree by studying online.

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Myth 3: The university’s mission is to graduate scientists

The world needs professionals. But different professions have different degrees of knowledge and responsibility. Some professions require 3-4 years of studying, and some professions require 5 or even 8 years of study.

For example, heart surgeon vs. general practitioner vs. nurse. Practicing attorney vs paralegal vs receptionist. Three years of secondary professional education is enough for a nurse, but a surgeon, like a lawyer, will need five years of higher education.

The task of the university is to make a high-quality professional out of an applicant.

Myth 4: The university must teach everything. Its name says it all

A university (from the Latin Universitas: totality, community) is a multidisciplinary institution that trains specialists in many fields.

That is, the university does not train a specialist in 10 fields, but has 10 different faculties, each of which prepares a specialist in one narrow area.

Myth 5: Successful people, mostly, graduated from prestigious universities

Many clever and successful people have succeeded in entering and graduating from various universities. However, their success was achieved despite, rather than because of, their universities. If you look deeper into the situation, you will find that the next “successful graduate” started working in his second year. And the university constantly threatened to expel them for missing classes.

Myth 6: Higher education is necessary “for a tick”

Most employers give preference to specialists with higher education. After all, having a diploma guarantees that its owner has initial skills and basic knowledge in the profession, can work with information, has a high intellect and sufficient level of culture. Therefore, if you are diligent in your studies, higher education will be a well-deserved confirmation of your knowledge and skills.

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Myth 7: The university does not prepare for real life

Not all university graduates can work in their specialty: they lack the necessary knowledge and practical skills. However, many top universities have already responded to the need to provide students with practical skills. Thus, in many universities, there is an internship where the student can try his abilities and get real work experience. In addition, many universities promise employment after graduation.

Myth 8: A profession is chosen once and for life

It is not so either. Choosing a profession is a serious matter, but sometimes you should take it more lightly. Even the specialty you love can become boring. Especially if you managed to reach the highest heights in it, after which there is no development. Nobody forbids you to change the direction after the 1st year of higher education or to retrain at any time. Moreover, some professions tend to get outdated. And to be more competent in a particular field due to technological advances, upgrading your skills is often just a necessity.

Myth 9: You can’t make a career without a degree

Parents tell teenagers that without a degree employers will not even look in their direction. The Internet, in turn, is full of motivating stories about millionaires who dropped out of hated education and started successful start-ups. The truth, as usual, is in the middle.

Higher education is not always necessary to start a business or build a career. Although, for example, you can’t become a doctor without a degree. But when you read the stories of Bill Gates and others like him, you must understand that they did not oppose study and work. The truth is that you can build a career without a degree, but it will be harder. In addition, you will need to prove to the employer that you are the same as your competitors, who chose the traditional path.

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Myth 10: Work or study

At introductory lectures, students are often advised not to work. There is some truth in it: it is difficult to combine study on a full-time basis with earning money. Often first-year students don’t keep up with their studies and have to research paper help. So until you get used to the new place – first years and especially the first semester – such attempts can seriously damage your grades. But the further you go, the easier it will be to study, there will be an understanding of how everything works. In addition, you will get enough experience to work in your specialty.

Companies are eager to employ students in their final years of study, give them a flexible schedule, and are usually sympathetic to leave during the exam period. Working while you study will give you an advantage over other graduates. You should understand that it is difficult to combine study and work, but the earlier you begin to apply your knowledge in practice, the easier it will be to find a job after graduation.

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