Business in Modern Society

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In our country, more and more people are thinking about their own business. Usually it’s a small business, because people don’t have money for a medium or large business.

People are interested in business for a variety of reasons. Some people are attracted to high incomes. Others can’t find a job they like. Others are attracted to the freedom of thought and ideas that businesses are always associated with.

Many people start a business to help others. A prime example of a small business is writing essays for students because they are willing to pay for homework to avoid wasting their time, or if students can’t write their own essays, or selling rare breed animals, for example.

Children usually think that businessmen are those who buy goods abroad cheaply and then sell them dearly at a stall or market. That was the essence of business.

But as people get older, they begin to understand and realize the possibilities of modern business in a much broader way.

A business is an organization that involves the trading of goods and services. Every day thousands of people start their own businesses. To be successful in business, one must have special character traits, such as being hardworking, intelligent, energetic, and even entrepreneurial. If a person wants to start a new business, he or she must take some preparatory steps. The first of these is to choose a legal form. Different countries have different laws about the legal types of businesses. Generally, these are limited liability companies, partnerships, or sole proprietorships. These forms of business differ slightly. A limited liability company is a legal entity. In the event of bankruptcy, it must reimburse its debts with the assets of the firm. Individual entrepreneurs or partners are not a legal entity. In the event of their bankruptcy, they recover their debts not only with their assets, but also with their personal wealth. This includes homes, cars, money, etc. This is why most entrepreneurs prefer to form limited liability companies. The second step is to prepare some documents. The third step involves the initial investment and the appointment of a director. Each new business must be registered in the official registry of companies. The business must basically be profitable . However, sometimes the founders are inexperienced and make many mistakes. This leads to losses rather than profits . All financial information of the company can be kept in financial statements. These reports are filed once a year, once every six months, and once a quarter. Every government requires detailed information about a company’s operations and collects taxes. This is why financial reports are important. In conclusion, I would like to add that every business is not an easy activity. Thus, knowing basic economic principles is vital for people who want to set up a business.

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The production of any commodity is now a business, too. Even smelting steel in a factory is also a business, only a big one. Serious business, on the contrary, strengthens the country’s economy, instead of “killing” it with foreign consumer goods. The businessman pays more taxes than the average citizen, and creates new jobs for people. Of course, this only happens if it is a socially responsible business. That is, the rights of workers are respected here, not just the use of their labor.

Not rich people can also organize a socially useful business, it is only important to have some start-up capital. Such a business could be a workshop, where they make parts for machines and factory machines. Or ateliers, where they sew original clothes and shoes. These can also be Internet sites. Today, even a farm and fields planted, for example, with sunflowers is already your own business. A small business can eventually grow into a big one: from a private medical office into a progressive modern clinic, from a furniture salon into a factory, and from a small exhibition of your own paintings into an art gallery.

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You can become a businessman without having a cent in your pocket. The main thing is to have a great desire and commitment to work and develop the idea of your own business. And then each of us can create our own work and promote our dream business. 

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