Choosing An Outsourcing Provider: Top Things To Look For In A Partner

Outsourcing Provider

There are 3 criteria, using which you can correctly assess outsourcing service provider. And you can make the right choice. These are economic feasibility, provider resource base and administrative and reputation characteristics.

Make expertise an important criteria in the hiring process

From an economic point of view, we draw attention to the following points. It’s the cost of connecting to its outsourcing provider. Also, it’s a comparison with the implementation of the function by the internal resources of the company. It’s the principle of forming the price of regular services (composition and cost of services). As well as the timing of all operations

To assess a potential partner, first of all, an initial parameter is needed. By which it will be possible to assess the economic feasibility of the outsourcing model. This parameter is the current cost of the process in the customer’s company. Contrary to popular belief, the cost of a process is not only the salary of employees. They perform work within a given business function. But also there is a large number of other cost items associated with the implementation of this function.

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After conducting an initial cost estimate of the transferred process, the economic component of the proposals is important. It’s related to potential outsourcing providers.

Market Reputation is Equally Important

Also, for the successful implementation of an outsourcing project, an important aspect is the timing of all operations. Since the business processes of the customer’s company are closely interconnected with the results provided by the provider. That is why the timing of the work can have a significant impact on the economic efficiency of the project as a whole. When planning to use the outsourcing model, the customer needs to determine the required time frame. It provides the results of the provision of services. And they need to compare with the standard terms offered by the provider. It should be borne in mind that when performing operations in a short time, the risk of failures and errors in the work of the provider can significantly increase. Since the load on the provider’s specialists increases. Another consequence of the tight deadlines for the execution of work may be an increase in the cost of the provider’s services. Since in order to eliminate possible errors, the provider will use additional resources for “insurance”. Taking into account the above, it is desirable that the standard time frame for the completion of work by the provider does not exceed the time required by the customer.

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Communicate clearly about Budget

Fulfillment of all customer requirements is possible only if the provider has a sufficient resource base. The assessment of which allows one to give answers to the following questions:

Does the provider have the necessary number of employees to implement the project to transfer processes to the provider’s area of ​​responsibility?

As a rule, to implement large-scale projects, even the largest providers have to expand their staff. But the provider should already have the main team for the project. Otherwise, there are high risks of disrupting the timing of the outsourcing project. Since hiring and adapting new employees takes time. And any delay in the recruitment process can become critical.

Do the provider’s staff have the qualifications necessary to carry out the work on a process outsourcing project?

The qualification of the provider’s personnel in is one of the key criteria for evaluating a potential outsourcing partner. It is advisable to check that the provider’s employees have confirmation of qualifications. Should be the existence of a personnel training and professional development system in the company. As well as the frequency of such events. A good indicator is a fact that there are “narrow” specialists in the staff. These are employees with extensive experience and specialization in certain areas of accounting.

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Choose a Flexible Partner

Simultaneously with the assessment of the resource base, the selection of potential providers is carried out according to administrative and reputation criteria. It includes:

  •  the period of the company’s operation in the market;
  • the profile of the outsourcing business;
  • the clarity of contractual relations;
  • the availability of professional liability insurance;
  • recommendations clients.

To sum up

Separately, it is worth noting such a factor as the clarity of the contractual relationship between the customer and the outsourcing provider. It’s the formalization of all the requirements of the customer’s company and the clarity of the division of duties. Also, it’s the definition of the responsibility of the customer and the provider. IT enshrined at the contract level. As a result, no disagreement between the customer’s company and the outsourcing provider.

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