US Government Shuts Down, More Than 300000 Workers Furloughed

US Government Shuts Down, More Than 300000 Workers Furloughed

The previous Saturday, US citizens faced a crisis when the US Government was partially shut down. The primary reason for this unexpected shutdown was a dispute President Donald Trump has with Congress over $5 dollars that Trump had demanded in order to build a wall along with border with Mexico. Although Trump had provided ultimatums, Congressional leaders failed to come to terms with the White House. Both the House and Congress swore they would talk through the weekend to agree on a deal.

The real problem came after President Trump unexpectedly rejected a funding deal approved in Congress. According to him, the problem was that it was a short-term funding bill, and did not make provisions for the full $5 billion dollars he had demanded. Although the US House of Representatives, where Republicans have a majority, later passed a bill that included the $5 billion dollars, it couldn’t gain approval in the Senate, which resulted in the shutdown beginning from Friday. Senate leaders and with VP Mike Pence, along with others, tried to find out a solution but were unsuccessful.

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President Donald Trump tried to blame the Democrats for the fact that he did not receive his $5 billion dollars, proceeded by the Democrats reminding that he said earlier that he would be proud to shut the Government down.

This unexpected US Government shutdown will have disastrous consequences for all Federal workers, of all and any branches or organizations. Federal parks will close, and more than 400000 Federal workers will have no choice but to work without pay, while more than 300000 workers have been furloughed for the time being.

The shutdown can only come when an appropriate deal is struck between Trump’s camp and the Republican and Democratic leaders, and is then approved by the House and the Senate.

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