The Top Reasons Why Online Gambling in India Is on a Rapid Rise

Online Gambling

Online gaming during the Covid-19 pandemic in India, along with online gambling, has shown rapid growth. Not only because people had to spend more time at home and find interesting pastimes for themselves in the pandemic years, but because, generally, online gambling in India is going through its Renaissance patch. 

Why is this so? In the first lines, India is a country where people view gambling as a national sport, and more than 80% of residents have gambled at least once in their lifetime. Around 40% of residents consider gambling their hobby or a pastime they’re quite fond of.  

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Indeed, not every country in India can offer you a gambling experience in a land-based casino. There are still some rules and regulations to be followed. However, online gambling in India is still in the clear. If you just try to find online casinos in India to gamble, you can choose from over 50 online casinos, and that’s not all. You can claim lucrative welcome and no-deposit bonuses in these casinos, which are an excellent way to gain more experience before playing like a pro.

The two main reasons for the rapid growth of online gambling in India  

As we’ve already mentioned, you can’t gamble legally in every Indian country. First of all, India is primarily a decentralized country, which means laws go separately for each country. Therefore, as of 2021, India’s residents could visit land-based casinos and gamble in only three Indian states. 

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But online gambling has nothing to do with these rules and regulations, which explains why online gambling is prevalent here. Now, let’s see the two main reasons for the rapid growth of online gambling in India. 

India: The Public Gambling Act 

The Public Gambling Act in India from 1867 suggested that all businesses running any gambling operation need to follow the rules and acquire a legitimate license. However, India’s residents can freely gamble online, which makes this gambling act one of the main reasons why there’s growing popularity of online gambling in India. 

The rise of the middle-class 

Ever since the salaries of the Indian middle-class rose, exceeding $10,000, each middle-class resident could afford a smartphone. As we already know, the best way to play online casinos on the go, anytime, and anyplace, is through smartphones. Therefore, the second main reason for the growing popularity of online gambling in India is salary increases. 

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Final thoughts 

There we have it – the salary increases in India and The Public Gambling Act are the two main reasons for the rapid growth of online gambling in this country. Remember to always explore the laws of your country before going to a land-based casino and checking whether online gambling is in the grey zone in your country.    

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