Russia Criticizes Israel for AirStrikes Against Syria

The foreign ministry of Russia showed serious concern about the provocative action of Israel Air force.  Russian condemn Israel for the air strike in the arms depot in Qatifah, which is located in the northeast of Damascus, Syria. After the strike, Israel mentions that it targeted Syria’s anti-aircraft missile. Israel did not report about injuries or damage. The Syrian military claimed that the attacks were planned from the Lebanese air base and injured three soldiers.

In the recent year, Israel had carried multiple strikes on Syria. Israel explained his action as prevention taken to cease the advance weapons allocations from Iran to the pro-Iranian Hezbollah movement. For Israel, Iran and Hezbollah are considered a dangerous threat. Advance weapon helps in reinforcement Iran’s military presence in Syria.

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The explosions damaged the area near Damascus’s airport. As per the report of Syria’s state media (SANA) proclaimed that Israel dropped numerous missiles from the Golan Heights, situated at the south of the capital, which rocked the surface and causes series of the blast in Damascus. Russian has an embassy in Damascus, as there is a bilateral relationship between Russia and Syria.

Lebanon’s foreign ministry accused Israel of the air strike on Syria and launched complained against Israel in the United Nation. Ministry condemned Israel for disturbing the stability of the region. Later the ministry said that Syria has the full right to protect its land and sovereignty. Russia’s Defense Ministry said that the attack in the capital of Syria leads to a direct threat to the two passenger airlines operate in Damascus’s airport. It is a major air disaster, which affects the movement of the civil aircraft in this region.

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The unrest situation in Syria by the advance missile is a serious concern for all the country in the world. As per the international laws, mandatory by the United Nation Security Council for the all the sovereign states to use power for maintaining security or protection of the population from any type of threat by extermination. The purpose is to elevate the humanitarian suffering from the weapon attacks.

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