Omega Constellation for Ladies: The Starry Night Sky on Your Wrist

Omega Constellation

With the growing trends on watches, brands are starting to upgrade their creativity. This is to make sure that they set themselves apart from their competition and remain relevant. This is also true even to the most established brands like Omega. The brand is still sought after until this day precisely because of its drive to satisfy the customer’s changing demands.

Omega had released countless collections that took the industry by storm. But among their collection, one that manifests just how creative they are as a brand is the Omega Constellation. Indeed, taking after its name is like having the beauty of the starry sky in your wrist. Today, we will be discussing four models from the said collection.

The History Behind the Omega Constellation

The Omega brand has been dominating the watch industry ever since its inception. Released in 1957, the Pie pan Constellation, the first from the collection, immediately became the favorite of many fashion fans and watch collectors. Fair enough, the brand exudes not just charm and elegance but also the intricacy of the mechanics’ craft.

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Today, Pie pan is one of the most loved vintage collections that many watch collectors would love to get their hands on. But more than that, as years passed by, they have released models under the constellation collection that kept fashion enthusiasts just as excited as they first had a glimpse of the Pie pan. Indeed, it is an unforgettable and timeless collection.

Omega Constellation Quartz Blue Dial Stainless Steel Diamonds Ladies Watch

To kick things off is this silver beauty that will surely snatch the hearts of those who love looking at the starry night sky. This model has a 25mm in diameter round case made out of Stainless steel colored in an elegant shade of silver. It has a sapphire crystal front and a solid back. To complete the external look is the band in the same stainless steel material.

The dial is the star of the show. It came in a dark shade of blue, just like the night sky. It is filled with patterns that resemble the stars. It has diamond indexes and skeletal hands. As for its movement, it is operated by Calibre 4061 manufactured and patented by Omega itself. Additionally, it has a water-resistant feature that can withstand 30m underwater. 

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Omega Constellation Quartz 28mm Ladies Watch

If you are torn between choosing a silver or gold timepiece, get this two-toned watch to cater to both colors. The round case is made out of stainless steel and yellow gold, measuring 28mm in diameter. The glass is made out of scratch-proof sapphire. Its band is also two-toned with stainless steel and yellow gold material.

Staying coherent with the gold-silver theme, the dial is in silver with a polished finish. Its skeleton hands, along with the stick indexes, are in gold. This beautiful watch is operated by Omega Calibre 4061. On top of that is its water-resistant feature that enables the watch to function perfectly even 30m deep underwater.

Omega Constellation Manhattan Quartz 25 mm Quartz White Mother Of Pearl Dial Steel Ladies Watch

Silver is a color screaming elegance in and of itself. Pairing it with white will surely upgrade its pristine look, and that is what this model tries to prove. This timepiece’s round case is in stainless steel material, measuring 25mm in diameter with a lug width of 15.9mm. It has a solid back and a glass made out of sapphire. Its band matches the material of the case.

The dial comes in a white mother of pearl color with a Luminescent finish, exuding luxuriousness. It has luminous silver-tone hands and indexes that match the silver aesthetics of the exterior. Its movement is made possible by the Omega patented Calibre 4061. It is also water-resistant and can withstand 30m deep underwater.

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Omega Constellation Quartz 24 mm Quartz Mother Of Pearl Dial Diamonds Ladies Watch

This is one of the watches whose highlight is its dial. However, that does not mean that the exterior is inferior in terms of aesthetic values. The case of this model is made out of stainless steel. It is in round shape, measuring 24mm in diameter with a solid back and a sapphire crystal. It also has a lug width of 16mm. To top it all is a band also in stainless steel material.

The dial, which is in mother of pearl luminescent finish, is indeed a sight that can leave anyone breathless. It looked like a delicate painting encased in a watch. It has diamond indexes and luminescent silver-tone hands. The movement is powered by Omega Calibre 1376 with 48 months reserve. An additional feature includes 100m water-resistance.


Watch serves two purposes: to tell time and to complete a look. Hence, it is imperative that when buying a watch, the purposes are satisfied outstandingly. With Omega Constellation, it is assured that you will have the greatest possible quality with the prettiest visual presentation. It is indeed a luxury brand worthy of your investment.

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