Nomos Watches: 5 Stunning Watch Collections You Should Buy From

Nomos Watches

Nomos Glashütte has impressively shared its handiness with millions of watch-lovers worldwide when it comes to fashion and decency. Roland Schwertner formed the Nomos Glashütte Company in 1990, with its headquarters in Glashütte, Germany. The company only made hand-wound automated timepieces during its early years.

Artisan Susanne Günther crafted their first watch series in the German Bauhaus style. It has gradually improved the mechanisms in their watches with the assistance of its over 260 staff. The first Nomos automatic watch was released in 2005 as a result of their unwavering dedication. Now, they have top-notch watch collections, and here are their most endorsed.

The Orion Collection  

First on the list of highly-rated Nomos Watches is their Orion watch, a true beauty with all the features that go with every unique style. Their Orion watches have been artfully refined on the outside with attractive curves to match up with the gentle ageless lines that flatter every eye. The Orion’s are available in over 20 different models to fit any classic lifestyle.

What’s more, this line has beautiful domed sapphire crystal glass mounted on the front of this German watch. The hardened cobalt hands are viand exactly outlined on each of the golden spurred diamond-polished dials. The Nomos Orion watch also comes with a model with super-thin DUW 3001 caliber available for automation enthusiasts

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The AHOI Collection  

Nomos Ahoi is a powerful and beautifully crafted timepiece that adds an unforgettable experience to adventurers and sports enthusiasts. All of it is brimming with excellent elegance and timekeeping ease. It has everything a mechanical watch lover can wish for. It is extremely water-resistant, with six screws securing it on the back and two crown guards to reach a depth of up to 200 meters.

If you want to beat Ahmed Gabr’s dive record, this Nomos Ahoi watch is all you’ll need to keep track of time. Although the wearer enjoys an automatic tick, Nomos Glashütte’s innovativeness is evidenced by accuracy supported by its overall mechanics, which has been granted several awards while on the run.

The Classic Tangente Collection

The rounded Classic Tangente has been one of Nomos’ best sellers for the past 25 years. Starting with its confident style, this timepiece has gained high praise from its buyers, as well as multiple awards for its designers. Its one-of-a-kind design has captivated many, especially Bauhaus fans. It’s one of the first Nomos watches, and it represents the ideals of true leader design.

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The Nomos Tangente watch comes in 19 different types. It often produces a slender tick, even in versions with an automatic caliber or the neomatik caliber known for its extreme precision. Apart from being of the highest quality, Tangente timepieces come in several colors, including midnight blue, green, and the exciting Champagne.

Furthermore, the German watch is available in sizes ranging from 33 millimeters to 41 millimeters in diameter. Giving you a true taste of your preferred flavor. The Nomos Tangente watch, unlike the last Nomos calibers standard models, is fitted with movements that have date functions and display a power reserve indicator.

The Club Collection

Although some timepieces are designated as official or sporting timepieces, the Club was created to suit every occasion and for everyone. Its youthful makeup, devoid of airs and graces, makes it appropriate for Friday morning board meetings to partying at night. Despite its versatility, this watch features superlative calibers handcrafted by Nomos’ top-talents.

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Depending on wearers’ preferences, the Nomos Club can come with a preferred caliber – either a hand-wound or an automatic watch. Each has been specially molded to guarantee a genuine Nomos ticking on your wrist.

The Ludwig Collection

Nomos Ludwig’s watch line takes classicism into the modern-day. It’s the only Nomos model with exclusively Roman numerals on the dial and indexes. It has an especially slim bezel and similarly slender lugs—whether automatic or hand-wound. This model exemplifies what’s becoming increasingly difficult to find these days: poise.

The case is shaped like a flat pebble, and the lugs are flush with the wrist. The neomatik calibers keep Ludwig as slim as a hand-wound with the DUW 3001 and a date function with the DUW 6101. Its design is also suitable for both genders.


Nomos watches are made with a traditional yet high-tech outlook. They have proven that they can generate a patented escapement, which almost no other watchmakers in the world can. As it is called in the fine watchmaking world, the NOMOS swing method is a declaration of independence, making their watch collections top of the line and highly rated.

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