Daniel Bryan Remains Champions While Fans Grow Angry

Daniel Bryan Remains Champions While Fans Grow Angry

The recent WWE Elimination Chamber match in 2019 is one that has sparked quite a lot of debate all over the world, as the fans of wrestling are spread far and wide, in each and every country, and can be found as people of all dispositions, races, colors, creeds and other categories. The entirety of the Elimination Chamber could be considered a very excellent beginning to the wrestling scene of 2019, as there were several spectacular matches where surprise entries in the field managed to unseat some of the pretty well-known wrestlers, with a breakthrough being made in Female Wrestling when Boss N’ Hug proved herself to be one of the most prolific wrestlers when she came out of the competition standing at the very top of the Female’s tag team ranking.

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However, the real excitement was found in the spectacular match being made in the WWE Championship (Elimination Chamber), where quite a lot of wrestlers took parts, with Competitors for the title being Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kingston, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, Randy Orton, and Samoa Joe. The match drove the crowd crazy, as Daniel Bryan, the current Champion, was given a run for this money by Kofi Kingston, who proved himself to be one of the most competent wrestlers present there.

The match ended on an underwhelming note when Kofi Kingston, who was predicted to become the next WWE Champion, was defeated by Daniel Bryan when he (Bryan) hit a running knee, making news across the world, that left quite a lot of people seeking to understand the WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 Results: News And Notes After Daniel Bryan Retains WWE Championship. While this outcome was entirely possible, more than most of the fans who were spectators to this match was quite disappointed when Kofi was defeated, since thousands worldwide have predicted that Kofi would go on to win the Championship title in 2019, and become one of the largest sensations in the entire wrestling field. Even though Kofi lost, the crowd was grateful for his amazing performance to the point of chanting ‘Thank You, Kofi’, with the match ending on a note that seems to suggest a Bryan-Kingston rivalry later on in the year.

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