Frontier Technologies – An Opportunistic Revolution

Frontier Technologies – An Opportunistic Revolution mid

The concept of digitisation is something that is impacting every aspect of human life and nature. It is impacting the way we work, the way in which multiple sectors are getting affected because of it, and also the way in which the customers are getting serviced. It so happens that the Governments of many countries do not take up this mantle seriously at first. The prime factor would include the ignorance and lack of knowledge with respect to this, and whether it will steer the nation towards positive growth or not.

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The Frontier Technologies are mainly those technologies that function in a way that is futuristic and will revolutionize the way in which we perform our daily functions.

Some of these technologies include:

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Robotics

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Many of the business sectors and markets are restructuring their way of thinking with regards to these latest tools and innovations. Reimagining the path in which things would work differently, services to be released and delivered differently and so on and so forth. This will mark as an era of innovation that has in literal sense, never been seen before.

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Hitachi is already making its way towards introducing Frontier Technologies at the forefront. Its products and services are completely laced with flavours of such innovations with respect to information systems, infrastructure, digital services, industrial systems and other key sectors. It is also being used in oil and gas industry, transportation and urban development solutions as well.

India as a growing economy is also taking a positive step towards embracing frontier technologies into their diversified sectors. Every country faces difficulties, and India is no different, but digitisation is a thing of the future and tapping into it now would reap positive benefits in the future. For our country, acknowledgement of this sector will lead to a transformation that has never been seen before.

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Our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modihas initiated the concept of Digital India keeping in light the growth of Frontier Technologies. These visions are the key to unlocking what’s buried deep that is yet to be fully excavated from the country.

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