American Rapper T-Pain Accused of Copying Arijit Singh’s “Tum Hi Ho”, YouTube Bans Video

T-Pain DP

The 19th of December, 2018 copy of India Today witnessed the case of plagiarism as conducted by T- Pain, an American rapper, and in addition to it makes a racist comment on the Indians, and was attacked on social media for this outrageous behaviour.

Rapper T-Pain landed himself in a fix with the release of his new song that’s Yo Money. The tune of the song was extremely similar to 2013 released, Tum Hi Ho, from the movie Aashiqui 2. It came to focus only when the issue was raised on Twitter by Mithoon, the original creator of the Hindi song, whose melody was plagiarised by T Pain in his new release.

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Mithoon in his Twitter had initially posted, “Sir, the melody that you have used in your new song is my original work for a previously released Hindi film. The Label is looking into this.#tumhiho #Aashiqui2”, as a comment to T Pain’s earlier post announcing the release of his new song. However, on Saturday, the rapper replied to Mithoon’s tweet, saying, “Woke up to getting dragged by brown twitter. So yeah. I definitely didn’t produce this song. Had no idea that was a sample and has never heard the music before I got the beat from the producer. Easy thing to work out. The labels will be in contact. Thanks”.

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The comment shook the social media and Indian twitters stormed against his use of the racist word “brown” for referring to the Indian community.

Indian twitters have left hate comments to T Pain’s outrageous behaviour. Mohit Suri tweeted, “Brown Twitter!! Sir is that what your response is.?? is this an apology or foolish ignorance .if you hadn’t been so stuck up in your world and realised that this song has crossed over a billion streaming’s .maybe you would understand #Shameless”. Manan Karangiya tweeted to T Pain that cheating is bad.

Following the plagiarism and the complaint from the original composer of the song, the video of T Pain’s new song has been officially removed from YouTube.

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