Bundi District of Rajasthan Kicks off Water Bird’s Cencus

Water Bird Census Mid

The water birds’ census week set out on Saturday at Bardha Dam in  Bundi district of Rajasthan with teams of birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts sailing in boats to the colonies of migratory and domestic water birds on the farthest banks and conducive in counting the winged guests.

Nine water bodies, wherever the water birds flock in significantly massive numbers, have been earmarked for the census, divisional forest officer (DFO), Bundi, Phralad Rai Badgurjar said.

The six-day exercise would provide birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts a chance to watch and enjoy the water birds’ activities and contribute in counting, he said.

The DFO additionally stressed on exploring potentialities to promote bird watching tourism.

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Large kind of variety of migratory birds including Pelican, Northern Shoveler, Northern Pintail, Common Teel, Common Pochard, Surkhab, Bar-Headed Goose, Sand Piper and domestic water birds were sighted on the first day of the exercise.

The birdwatchers observed the activities of the birds and clicked images.

They urged the government to ban fishing within the dams for the four months once the migratory birds return here.

Water Bird Census

Blast fishing could be a huge threat to the birds in most the dams of Hadouti region and also the government ought to a minimum of ban fishing in these places from Nov to Feb., when a large number of migratory birds fly here from thousands of miles away, a Kota-based research supervisor Kirshendra Singh Nama said.

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“The dams and wetlands in Hadouti provide a fashionable and healthy setting to the migratory birds however fishing in these places could be a huge threat to their lives as fishing contractors are more inclined to chase away them or perhaps kill these birds,” said assistant conservator of forest (ACF), Bundi, Satish Jain.

Most of the dams fall into the revenue space wherever fishing contracts are leased out and the forest department is helpless against the contactors, he said.

With the onset of winter, migratory birds fly thousands of kilometers to reach the wetlands, ponds and water reservoirs in the Hadouti region.

Bar-headed and grey leg geese fly in from snow lined areas of China and Mongolia and European Pin-tailed duck and Northern Shoveler from the European continent.

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Ducks, Egrets, Spoonbills are a unit among another species of birds that reach the Hadouti region.

Painted Storks, who nest within the higher branches of Babool trees, are a unit typical sight within the region.

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