Did Bryce Kristensen Break Up A Marriage?

bryce kristensen

In Hollywood, true romance lasts only on the silver screen. Celebrities break apart and divorce just as much as they come together and marry. However, there are often some scandals that shock both the tinsel town and its followers. The divorce of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star Morgan Stewart is one such case.

Trouble(maker) in Paradise

All seemed to be going well for Morgan at the start of 2016. She had an established career in entertainment and E! News. Her dream wedding to Rich Kids co-start Brendan Fitzpatrick was filmed and showcased to millions of adoring fans around the world.

It all came crashing down within three years, however. News reports began to emerge that Morgan had begun an illicit affair with Bryce Kristensen, her boss at NBC Universal. Reports suggested gross misconduct on the part of the two, indulging in a blatant display of affections. While these would have been inappropriate in a work setting, the case turned even uglier as Bryce Kristensen was also married when this affair was allegedly taking place. While both parties subsequently denied allegations, they were hounded by the fact that multiple people inside Universal had taken up the issue with the HR that their behavior was allowed to continue.

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Who Is Bryce Kristensen?

Despite the intense scandal and the news reporting that followed. Bryce Kristensen was able to keep most of the details of his life under wraps. At 36, the man has had an astronomical career, headlining major departments at E! News, and Universal. Bryce Kristensen’s wife Kate is accomplished, being a social media and digital executive for NBCU and E! News. Bryce was also named as one of Ad Age’s 40 under 40 in 2018.

He currently lists himself as the CEO of Powell Media on his LinkedIn profile. He was let go from NBC due to his misconduct, but other reports have suggested that Bryce Kristensen chose to walk out instead. At E!, he was responsible for spearheading the channel’s first scripted digital show. Moving in a new direction for the news and entertainment-focused channel.

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There has not been any news as of now about Bryce Kristensen’s marital status. This suggests that he and his wife have either worked through the alleged infidelity or that there was indeed nothing inappropriate going on between Morgan and Bryce.

Morgan Stewart and Bryce Kristensen: What Came Next

Both Morgan Stewart and Bryce Kristensen publicly denied an affair multiple times. Finally responded by making their social media accounts private. Despite Morgan’s assurance to the press, she and her husband filed for divorce in October 2019. Three years after their marriage. While the papers cited incorrigible differences’, many have suggested that this divorce came just one month after the cheating scandal emerged as suspicious. Morgan Stewart went on to publicly comment on her divorce via Instagram, and the responses were quite polarized.

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She has since, however, moved on from her failed marriage and is currently engaged to and expecting a child with Jordan McGraw, an aspiring musician and son of American TV personality Dr. Phil.

Thus it seems that this story is just another Hollywood tale, where the people have moved on, but only after facing a massive publicity scandal and scrutiny. Morgan’s sex-husband Brendan has also found love again with Bachelor start Amanda Stanton and continues to thrive in his real estate business.

Thus, it seems that all is back to normal in Hollywood’s reality TV circuit, but then again, that is only till the next scandal comes along. 

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