Apple Executive Joswiak Claims Iphone XR Is Best-Selling Mobile

iphone XR

The sale of Apple iPhone XR was started in the middle of October 2018. An executive of the company has told that it is now the best-selling phone. The cost of iPhone XR is $749 while that of XS is $999. There are many features in the XR mobile. Apple has provided the facility of unlocking the facial recognition along with a new processing chip. The suppliers had forecasted that the sale of the mobile must not go as per the hope of the organization. The analysts have also said that the price of $750 is a miscalculation of Apple.  They have analyzed that Apple has lost $220 billion though it was at a peak in October.

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Apple has not given the absolute daily sales figure of the handset. Greg Joswiak has reported to the Reuters that Apple iPhone XR is currently the most selling mobile and is very popular. He also added that after launch, the XR iPhone became the largest selling mobile. Apple has provided the mobile in the broadest color palette and now the company is planning to introduce the red version of the phone.

A portion of sales of the red-colored phone will be given as a charity named as Product Red. The charity is given for the Global Fund that holds programs for HIV and AIDS patients. Joswiak has also told that that company has raised much fund for the charity which is around $200 million. AIDS day is on 1st December and Apple has planned to promote its red products after that.

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