Nestlé’s Strategy to Bring Coffee in Mass Market


Suresh Narayanan, CMD of Nestle, has told that he will bring coffee in the premium as well as mass market. He told in the interview that he will develop coffee culture in both the markets. The portable coffee machine has been launched which will help to make coffee easily and it can be taken anywhere. Another thing is Nescafe E, which is being sold through Amazon and other outlets.

The CMD said that Nescafe E and the portable coffee machine are being liked by the people. The company is also planning to sell its product in rural areas. He also said that the coffee selling can be increased among the high-class people though social media in which videos and advertisements regarding the product will be posted. He then said that he has to reach the semi urban and rural market but it will be done after grasping a good percentage of the urban market.

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Suresh Narayanan

Nescafe from Nestle is the oldest brand of coffee that offers about 5000 types of coffee beans in sachet, bottles, and other types of packaging. The coffee business of the organization is growing as the company is also selling coffee through coffee vending machine.  There are many wholesalers and retailers who are the distributors of the coffee.The main competitors of Nescafe are Bru, Tata coffee,etc.

Besides coffee, the company is also selling breakfast cereals. The CMD has told that the cereals are getting good response in all those markets in which they are launched.

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