6 Reasons to Automate Your Business: The Benefits of Marketing Automation

Benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketing is the lifeblood of every business. There are a number of reasons why you should ensure that your marketing activities are even more organized . This can be done with marketing automation. Hence, it would be accurate to say that marketing automation is extremely important for any and every business. There are many benefits of automating the marketing side of your operations. It would be important to first understand what marketing automation really is and what all it entails. 

So, marketing automation is basically the automation of all your marketing functions. What exactly does this mean? When you have the right marketing automation software, you would be able to build a framework of fields that would capture all the right data as per the parameters and data points that you set for these fields. What do you do with all this data? This data is then matched with the right functions for the right marketing team members. In essence, the entire process and all the data would trickle down into deliverables. It would engage the leads and nudge them towards conversations that can take them towards conversions.

Here are some of the deliverable that you would get with the right marketing automation software:

  • Email Marketing
  • Landing Pages
  • Newsletters
  • Webinars
  • Contests and Polls
  • Analysis and Tracking with Split Testing
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While it may seem like quite a task to get all these deliverables out the door . There is an easy way to do it without getting overwhelmed. With the right marketing automation software, you can actually get the right data so that tech deliverables can be personalized to articulate the needs of the customers and actually pitch the right solution that would feature your products or services.

Accordingly, here are the six main reasons why you need to automate your business with marketing automation:

Easy and Timely Communication

One of the foremost things that you need to do when you are trying to reach and engage with your customers is communicate. Whether it is a query, or an answer to a comment, or even a response to an issue after a sale has been closed, you would have to do so in a timely manner. Yet, how would you do this when you have a plethora of tasks waiting for you and you have so many people you have to communicate with? The answer here is quite simple – with marketing automation, you can easily automate all the other deliverables and tasks so that you are free to communicate instantly and effectively with action backed responses. This would ensure that your customers feel like they come first and it would also give you a higher chance to engage leads for a conversion. Further, this kind of communication also restores the faith of the customer in the brand which can win you re sells, up sells and cross sells. 

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Testing and Tracking

We would all need to conduct analysis and tests from time to time so that we can be sure that our efforts are not going to waste. With split testing and A/B testing, you would know exactly how your various activities and efforts are performing so that you would know where you would need to put in greater efforts. This would also help you fine tune your performance so that your marketing efforts are in a far better place. The analysis and reports would also give you plenty of insights when it comes to other opportunities that you can tap into. 

Better Collaboration Between Team Members

When you are managing teams of any size, you would be on the lookout for ways in which you can make your team members work better together. Collaboration is the key to a team that actually shows results with a well oiled system in place. This can be done effortlessly with the help of marketing automation. With automated notifications and sharing of the right information for the right tasks, there would be less need for chaotic communication and this in turn, would eliminate the scope of chaos and overlapping of efforts as well. 

Understanding Your Customers

With the right data and insights, you will be able to use marketing automation to actually understand what the exact needs of your customers may be. This would help you position yourself in a much better manner within your market segment, thus giving you a position of authority. You will find that such data driven understanding of your customers would help you enhance your revenues and your conversion rates as well. This will also help you grow that much faster since your brand recall value would definitely go up with the right kind of deliverables and the right content or messaging attached to the same. 

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Cost Efficiency

This would be one of the main benefits of turning to marketing automation. When you have a marketing automation software working for you in the back end, you actually have the time to chase leads and convert them instead of being stuck in mundane tasks like manual data mining and sending off deliverables one after the other. This may also expose you to the risk of error which can cost you some perfectly good leads. Therefore, with marketing automation, you can eliminate all of the above and make more revenue with the time that you invest. 


This is one very powerful word that every business looks for. Marketing automation literally serves you growth on a silver platter thanks to all the features that work like a well oiled machine in the background while you are enabled with all the right data and tools to reach out and engage with your core customers. The growth and scalability would come through once you are able to reach out to more leads in less time, thus enabling you to make more revenue in a smaller frame of time.

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