5 Unsure of How to Come Up With An Efficient Video Marketing Strategy? Here’s All That You Need to Know

video marketing strategy

Although the video has been in existence for quite some time now, augmented reality, live streaming, and interactive 360-degree videos are relatively newer concepts that have held viewers in awe.  Ease of access to smartphones coupled with high internet penetration has led the average person to be completely consumed by the world of video. In such a situation, brands that rely on only images or textual content will not get the attention it hopes for.

Video Marketing is the perfect way to boost your Digital Marketing. This makes it imperative for brands to have a detailed video marketing strategy. The high return on investment ensures that video marketing is an ideal choice for brands of all sizes. However, since this involves monetary and human resource investments, you must plan things out and do ample research before embarking on the video-making journey. To help you in strategizing, here are some tips.

Pen Down Your Video Goals

The scope of video marketing is diverse, and you need to be well-versed with the different aspects of video marketing to be able to leverage it for your organization’s growth. If you are new to this field, you can read this blog here about video marketing to know more about the basics. Once you are familiar with the basics, identify which stage of the marketing funnel do you want to direct your video to.

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For example, if you are keen on attracting potential customers, you should focus on having an awareness stage video. Live product launches, testimonials from satisfied customers are an example of this type of video. At the later stage of the marketing, funnel is the consideration stage videos and these would include product demos, etc.

When you need to nurture your prospects and are about to close a sale, educational videos will help. DIY videos can be used to delight those who have already made their purchase from you in a bid to tempt them to come to you for more.

Have a Realistic Budget

While the importance of a creative budget cannot be undermined, the fact is that none of your strategies will see the light of the day unless you plan the money and resources at hand. Knowing how much you have will help you figure out the things you want to splurge on and places where you must curtail. Depending on this, you can take a call on whether the work must be outsourced to a professional or if you should go in-house.

Start by listing out the different services you need such as scripting, social media distribution, audio editing, etc. Then compare the rates of full-time employees with freelancers. Depending on your budget, and amount of work, you can set your expectations and come up with a team that will help you create a video in a manner you want. While computing the expenses, make sure that you take the lighting cost, cost of editing tools, and other miscellaneous charges into consideration.

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Work on a Story to Tell

The purpose of any video is to tell a story to your viewers in a way they would like to hear. Before you get down to video making, have a basic framework for the story ready. Here is a step-by-step approach to it.

Step 1: Make Your Story Have A Protagonist

A video with too many characters often causes the audience and leads them to lose interest. As far as possible, try to have a single protagonist who aligns with your target demographics,

Step 2: Show the Conflict

Iterate the customer’s pain point and help them see their difficulties. Often, it so happens that people do not realize that they need a product because they are unaware of the problem in the first place.

Step 3: Set Out on A Quest

Once your viewers are aware of the problem, you can set forth a solution wherein you introduce your product or service. At this stage, you can demonstrate the features of your offering. If there are market competitors, talk about how the product is different from things that already exist.

Step 4: Offer a Resolution

The last stage is perhaps the most important part of your video. It is here you bridge the gap between the problem and your solution and illustrate how this is a plausible resolution. The better job you do here, the higher are your chances of convincing customers to make a purchase.

Set a Timeline

The creation of a video is a long journey from idealization to postproduction. While creating a marketing video you will have a deadline before which you want the video ready. Understand that having one deadline for such a detailed process will not suffice and you need to have a timeline for every minor thing.

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These include the production timeline, distribution timeline, social media marketing timeline, etc. Such timelines help to keep the team on track and ensure that everyone moves at a pace you expect them to. For example, if your video editing team that is working on the InVideo tool knows of the timeline of the team that is responsible for the distribution, it will allow both the teams to do better justice to their jobs. To ensure that the overall deadline is met, make sure each timeline is detailed and that the team is in the loop of any sudden changes.

Work on Ways to Improve the Reach of Your Video

In today’s times, merely coming up with high-quality content will not suffice and you need to walk the extra mile to ensure that your video reaches the people it is meant for. Start by creating an SEO strategy that uses keywords people are likely to search for.

Then, build a social media presence so that the videos that you post get the views you hope for. YouTube is undoubtedly the most popular video search engine and most people looking for video content are likely to look up here. Know more from this guide here about how to get more views on YouTube.

Thus, you see that with proper planning, you can use video to drive the marketing success of your firm. Here’s wishing you the very best of luck in your quest of leveraging the power of video. 

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