World Cup 2022: Group D Preview

football world cup 2022

There is an opinion that the real World Cup begins with the playoff stage, but still the group stage has its own advantages and its own special atmosphere. Football lovers discover new teams and enjoy an endless stream of matches for several weeks.

Today we will talk about group D and present to your attention the members of this quartet, namely: France, Denmark, Australia and Tunisia. Interestingly, three of the four teams played in the same group at the last World Cup, and instead of Tunisia, they were accompanied by Peru.


Main stars: Kylian Mbappe, Antoine Griezmann, Karim Benzema, Hugo Lloris, Paul Pogba.Best result at the World Cup: Victory (1998, 2018).

France is going to Qatar in the status of the reigning world champion. Over the past four years since their triumph, the team has only grown stronger and has not lost a single truly important performer. The French are on the shortlist of tournament favorites. True, their failure at the Euro last year is slightly alarming.

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The main star of this team is, of course, Kylian Mbappe. Four years ago, he already played an extremely important role in the success of his team, and now he has made a huge leap in his development. The French have the deepest composition and can put up two equal 11s without any problems. In tournaments that are tight in terms of time, like the World Cup, this is of tremendous importance.

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Main stars: Martin Braithwaite, Yussuf Poulsen, Christian Eriksen, Kasper Schmeichel.Best result at the World Cup: 1/4 (1998).

Denmark fell in love with the entire football world at the last Euro. The team plays bright, attacking and extremely bold football, based on the rapid transition from defense to attack and the rapid movement of the ball.Despite the presence in the composition of several big names, the Danes take their toll due to the well-functioning system of team play. This is the advantage of the national team – even if one or two performers do not have a game, this can be painlessly compensated.

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Main stars: Aaron Mui, Martin Boyle, Matthew Ryan.Best result at the World Cup: 1/8 (2006).

The Australian team has been represented at the last 4 world championships, but only once managed to get out of the group, back in 2006. But the Australians frankly did not succeed in the last three voyages – only 1 match won.

The overwhelming majority of the Australian national team players are from European clubs, but there are no big names to be found here. The team broke through to the World Cup with a creak – in the final of the intercontinental playoffs, Peru managed to beat only in a penalty shootout. The main problem of the Australians is the level of opposition, the team plays most of its matches with obviously weaker opponents. In such conditions, it is problematic to expect a breakthrough at the World Cup.


Main stars: Eles Skhiri, Wahbi Khazri.Best World Cup result: group stage (1978, 1998, 2002, 2006, 2018)

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Tunisia will come to the World Cup for the sixth time. The team and its fans, of course, dream of reaching the playoff stage for the first time in history, but these dreams do not look very promising. In terms of its personnel potential, Tunisia is noticeably inferior to all opponents in the group.

The team managed to qualify for the tournament largely due to a good draw. In the group they played with Equatorial Guinea, Zambia and Mauritania, and in the playoffs with Mali. The backbone of the team is made up of players who play not the first roles in European clubs of the middle class.

Our forecast

On paper, the alignment in this group looks as readable as possible. France and Denmark will advance to the playoffs, while Australia and Tunisia will retire after three matches. As a very bold prediction, we can assume that Denmark will be able to impose a struggle on France in the fight for the first place and a potentially simpler relegation bracket.

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