Manchester United Still Dominate the Premier League Hall of Fame

Manchester United

Recent years may not have been kind for Manchester United supporters, although many are old enough to remember when their club dominated the English Premier League, particularly when legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson was at the helm. They also boasted sides packed with genuinely world-class talents, consistently wowing the crowds with their exceptional skills.

Back in 1992, the horizon of the English game changed forever. The top-tier clubs decided to break away from the Football League and form their own elite competition, resulting in the foundation of the Premier League. Thirty years later, no domestic league in the world can match it for wealth or the abundance of superstar players.

Such is the power and pull of the Premier League today, the competition has generated a massive fanbase around the whole globe. Within our own Asian region, millions of eager supporters look to find the best sports betting sites in India, backed by expert guidance and advice via Asiabet. Indeed, many will be backing the results of Manchester United, therefore seeking competitive odds and promotions is also worthwhile.

But as the Red Devils now appear to be a slumbering giant, waiting to be reawakened into a new golden era, it’s hard not to reflect on the star players of yesteryear. Thankfully, the Premier League has begun inducting its icons of the past, allowing us to reminisce about when Manchester United was the kings of English football.

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Hall of Fame 2021 Inductees

When the first official Premier League Hall of Fame was announced, there was plenty of enthusiastic debate and lively expectation, as fans pondered which great players would make the inaugural selection. All of those chosen were fabulous players, although it was Manchester United who provided three players from the first list of eight chosen.

Easily the biggest icon of the early Premier League era, there was much more to Eric Cantona than just a supremely talented footballer. He was ‘The King’ to adoring fans, entertained with his phenomenal individual abilities, and was an inspirational figure to the youthful ‘Fergie’s Fledgelings’ that were bursting through. The infamous kung-fu kick and subsequent ‘seagulls’ comments about the media, that only served to enhance the mythical aura about the Frenchman.

From the same generation, Roy Keane also featured amongst the inaugural inductees to the Premier League Hall of Fame. The Irishman was as hard as they come, determined and focused on winning like no other player, making him the ideal successor to Bryan Robson as team captain. Rival players will never forget a tackle from Keane, driven to do everything necessary to bring his team success.

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As one of the golden boys of the new generation at United in the mid-1990s, David Beckham emerged to become one of the finest midfielders of his time, famed for the spectacular precision of his passing and free-kicks. He was also the poster boy of a Britpop era when musical and sporting culture seemed to merge into English culture. Marrying one of the Spice Girls certainly helped, although his performances on the pitch will always be held in the highest regard.

Hall of Fame 2021 Inductees

Once again in 2022, when the list of new Hall of Fame inductees was announced, there were more from the Red Devils than any other club. Some were actually surprised this trio hadn’t made the inaugural selection, especially considering what they represented and achieved throughout their phenomenal careers.

While the debate remains ongoing, there is a general consensus of opinion that when it comes to the greatest goalkeepers of all time in the Premier League, nobody can rival Peter Schmeichel. The ‘Great Dane’ was tall and powerful physically but also blessed with remarkable agility and reflexes, capable of making incredible saves that are still fondly remembered to this very day.

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Easily the most naturally gifted midfielder to have represented England or United, regardless of what rival fans might say, Paul Scholes was a pure football genius who mesmerised everyone lucky to watch him play. Even other world-class players of the period hailed Scholes above themselves, indicating just how much his ability was appreciated and respected. Furthermore, no English player has won more trophies than Scholes, and there’s a good chance nobody will ever match his success.

Last but by no means least, we have none other than Wayne Rooney, the man who burst onto the scene as a precocious teenager at Everton, then became an absolute legend at Manchester United. Before departing the Red Devils at the end of the 2016-17 season, he had set the club record with 253 goals in 559 appearances, marking him out as the greatest player of the early 21st century. But watch out in the future, as oldest son Kai Rooney is looking to follow in the footsteps of his illustrious father, both for club and country.

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