Why Betting on Cricket is Worth Giving a Shot?

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Cricket is known as the second-most popular sport next to football and it is estimated to have over 2.5 billion fans all over the world. It is extremely popular in places like India, Pakistan, Australia, and the West Indies. Some of the most popular cricket tournaments include the Indian Premier League and the T20 World Cup.

What’s not to love about cricket? It’s a competitive and straightforward sport that is easy to follow. This is why people of all ages can easily enjoy watching a single match. However, more and more people are not just watching cricket anymore. Many are now placing their bets too on the best cricket betting sites in India from TheTopBookies. Many now see how fun and exciting it is to bet on cricket matches too.

Why Cricket?

Many people love to follow cricket because of its simplicity. It’s a very straightforward game that doesn’t require many technicalities for people to understand. It can be played not only for competition but also for fun. This is why in India, it’s easy to spot kids, teenagers, and even adults playing this sport on the streets.

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It is played by people from different countries. The IPL alone has players from countries like Australia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, England, Afghanistan, West indies, and Bangladesh. It’s such a diverse sport that is also full of rivalries and drama.

You can go ask cricket fans about how intense the matches could be. They likely have a story about how players sometimes lose their cool during the matches. Who doesn’t love seeing such dramas on the field, right? The bottom line is that cricket is a mix of everything that you want sports events to have.

If you’ve been a fan of cricket for a long time now, then you’re at an advantage. Successful cricket bettors usually know a lot about the sport. By now, you’re more likely to have an idea of how a match will end after the first few minutes of the game. In-game or in-play betting could be something up your alley.

However, if you simply want to bet on cricket and you’ve never been a follower of this sport, you can still bet on ODIs or any cricket matches without much trouble. If you’ve wagered on other sports before, cricket betting should not give you a hard time at all.

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Betting is Now Convenient 

Indeed, cricket betting is no longer hard these days. It’s convenient nowadays thanks to the internet. Anyone can practically place their bets online anytime they want and anywhere they are in the world. You now have a plethora of options when it comes to the best betting sites out there with odds on cricket.

The most popular betting sites would have odds on cricket matches held all over the world. There are also different types of odds that you can wager on. From the simple winner bet to the top batsman of the game, there’s always that bookie that has the type of bet that you’re looking for.

The cricket calendar is usually busy year-round too. Take for example how things are going to be quite hectic in the coming months. Phase 2 of the IPL is set to start next month until October 15. Two days after the IPL is the World Cup T20. There’s just so much to look forward to if you’re a cricket fan and a punter.

The Cricket Betting Market and the Sport Itself is Set for Growth

It’s already strong evidence that cricket betting is set to grow as it has been thriving amidst a pandemic. More people will likely be betting on cricket matches right now because many of these matches are still set behind closed doors. Fans are just really trying to find ways to support their teams while they still can’t be there with them live.

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While cricket is already the second-most popular sport, the International Cricket Council (ICC) is aiming to get this sport more attention. The ICC is known to want cricket to beat football in terms of popularity. While it’s hard to say that this will be the case one day, cricket is still set to grow in the coming years.

It’s no secret that this sport is not yet popular in the United States. However, USA Cricket is already working on getting the sport out there once again. What many may not know is that cricket was once more popular than baseball in the US.

It was only after the Civil War that baseball became more of the go-to of the Americans. Still, history could repeat itself and if cricket once again steals the hearts of many in this country, beating the popularity of football is no longer impossible.

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