Why Marble Tiles are So Costly

marble tiles

Tiles are one of the most used construction materials nowadays. Although porcelain and ceramic tiles govern the market presently, stone tiles still have their appeal. Historically, many temples and historic structures had been constructed with marble tiles. And these structures still possess the exact timeless beauty. In the following paragraphs, we’ll be breaking out the reasons why marble tiles demand the high cost and merits of installing them.

Marble Stone Tiles

As the name suggests, these tiles are made from natural marble stones. The quality of these tiles is highly dependent upon the generation temperature, pressure, and materials. These rocks are rare, and with a suitable environment, their structure can change naturally. Additionally, if any metal were present during its generation, its beauty can significantly decoy with time. However, marble formed in optimum condition can capture long-lasting beauty.

Why Marble Tiles are Used

Stone tiles are timeless. Their value increases with time. And when the stone is marble, it adds extra flair to the overall appearance. Marbles possess a more extensive color pallet and natural patterns that are unique to them. It even adds property value to your house. Often marble tiles give the sign of prestige and aristocracy. Therefore, it’s a pretty popular choice among peers. Moreover, They can be shaped and assembled to form a whimsical appearance. The flawless finishing with such a pattern is very rare and hard to mimic in any other materials.

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Cost of Marble Tiling

Stone tiling is pretty expensive than ceramic tiling. And it may vary due to the choice of material, colour pallet, and installation. The material for marble tiling may cost $5 – $15 per square foot, while installation may cost $4 – $9 per square foot. These tiles tend to break off while cutting, so 10%-20% more tiles should be kept in hand. Besides, the shape of the floor, pattern & complexity also factors in this manner too. Also, the value of the marble tiles can be increased up to 65$ per square foot according to their pattern and colours. The attention to detail, off-coloured tiles, and unique staining will turn your home decor into one of a kind. But It may increase the cost as well.

Why Marbles Tiles are Expensive

There’s no easy answer to this question. There are various factors involved that determine the price of tiles. We will try to discuss the prominent elements of the cause.

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Type of Rock

Marbles are a metamorphic rock that only generates when substantial pressure and temperature is present. The environment around these rocks can often transform. And as mentioned above, the presence of metal can make a massive difference in the quality. The metallic molecules can form rust over time and degrade the color of the tiles. So the price may vary highly in the case of marble tiles.

Mining, Shaping, and Patterns

Once the marble is mined, it needs to be cut into slabs. The thickness of the slab determines the strength of the tiles.  The thinner slabs, the fragile it is to cut, install and wear. Evenness throughout the tile is another factor in the quality of the tile. And all these factors determine the price of the tile. Again any pattern associated with the tiles can increase the price higher.

Advantages of Using Marble Tiles

  • It’s the most durable construction material. The evidence lies within the numerous significant historical structures.
  • It increases the value of your property instantly.
  • Easy dusting, no squeaking like hardwood floors, and an evenly finished and smooth result, unlike concrete floors.
  • It resists staining and scratching. With proper care, these marbles can last century after centuries.
  • Marble is highly moisture resistant. Therefore it is good to use in the washroom and kitchen.
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Disadvantages of Marble Tiling

  • They are the costliest among all the other tiling options.
  • Marble tiles require regular maintenance to keep them in good condition.
  • Marble got some natural porosity that may attract and trap oil particles.
  •  Professional cleaning and sealing may be needed within specific intervals.
  • Not very suitable to use in the backsplash wall of busy kitchens.

Brief History of Tiles

The stone tiles were first found in ancient Egypt in 10,000 BC. From there, it traveled into Babylon and ancient Persian. Following the tile, works are prominent in the Greek & Roman empire, lined with fine mosaic tiles. The Chinese empire got a hold of ceramics and porcelain tiles around 206 BC. When ceramics had begun to use in Europe, the whole world got a hold of the technology. Nowadays, almost all homeowners consider installing tiles due to their widespread use and versatility.

Stone tiles represent luxury. With their timeless beauty, they have conquered the world. In spite of being costly and high maintaining, people cherished installing marble tiles in their homes. And marble keeps doing its job flawlessly, which is representing the aesthetics of the house. The magical dance floors are almost always built with marble. Additionally, the enormous joy of dancing through the night can barely impact the lifespan of them.,

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