Which Of These Is A Healthier Option For Breakfast- Cereal Or Egg?

Cereal Or Egg

It’s an old saying, eat breakfast like a king. We also have heard and read many a times that eating a appropriate breakfast is a decent way to start our day and also it is an indispensable thing. Probably, it is the best way to start your day. Your body has had its last meal the night before and it been on an average more than 8 to 10 hours since then. According to studies done, eating breakfast apart from being good for your body system by increasing metabolism, also is important to keep yourselves healthy in the longer run of life. In this fast paced world we often skip what is supposed to be the core meal of the day. Contrary to this, it essentially should be a routine and that too with healthy options.


Coming to choices of breakfast, often we tend to choose something which is easy to make and is not that time-consuming to cook. With this thought the two options that come to the mind at one thought is breakfast cereals and eggs. Another question that arises is which of the two is healthier as a breakfast meal. Each individual will have their own opinion on which one is healthier. Both have their boons. The former is a ready to eat meal that is just poured in cold milk  preferably, add sugar if needed and eat it with a spoon. It comes in many variabilities. Now-a-days, many manufactures of breakfast cereals also offer them with whole grain as the main constituent.  On the other hand, the latter is a versatile option in terms for cooking. There is a possibility of making so many varieties of dishes with egg like boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, poached eggs, omelette, Spanish omelette etc in  a matter of few minutes.

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Science has proven that eggs are nutritious and has a good amount of protein in them. The shortcoming of eggs is that it does not contain fibre which is good for the body.  Apart from proteins, they contain fats which are present in the yolk.  Egg whites is a very consistent dish given to children by their parents because of its albumin content. On the whole, it is rather a very popular breakfast option by countless.

Cereal Or Egg mid

With regards to breakfast cereals, with so many selections available in the market, its first of all difficult to pick which one will be a good option. While choosing what is best suited to your taste and health, please do check the levels of sugar additions in these breakfast cereals. Sometimes, the manufactures add a variety of names of different types of sugar but ultimately the total sugar content will be the addition of all that different names of sugar. Another important factor to remember before selecting your breakfast cereals is to check the fibre content in the details given in the attractive boxes these are packed in. Furthermore, it is also obligatory to remember that in these cereals, the manufactures  add many flavouring agents also and we do know that opting for a natural ingredient is always better than artificial ones.  Cereals do have the plus of being fibrous and hence healthy. Most of the ready-to-eat breakfast cereals have a good volume of added iron, minerals and vitamins. On top of it, if you add a good mix of nuts or raisins in it, not only it becomes tastier but also healthier. Having to jolt your day with a meal that has a high amount of added sugar might not be that good an idea. It will upsurge your sugar levels which is not a good thing to occur.

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Each family and each individual will have their own favourite among these two popular  breakfast meals. Also, you may feel like eating breakfast cereals on some days and different varieties of egg meals on other. Just remember to keep a balance. Also, keep a track on the servings of meal that you have. Choose what is best suited to your body. Never overeat, never under eat. It is significant and a requirement to remember that breakfast is the foremost meal of the day and it should not be skipped. If one elaborates the word breakfast too, it means to -breaking the fast. By partaking breakfast you give your body the compulsory requirements it needs to function in continuity after your preceding meal from the prior day.

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